Joe Jonas Performs for AOL Sessions (Videos)


Last November, Joe Jonas performed some songs in NYC for AOL Sessions. They session has just gone live. Watch them all here!

Joe performed songs from his solo album including “Just In Love,” “See No More,” and “Fastlife”. Joe also took some time to answer questions about going solo, exes, privacy and more.

What was your biggest fear when it came to leaving your brothers and going solo? Probably the biggest fear was doing this on my own, taking that step, that leap of faith to try something on my own without them there. Whether it was for writing songs or even performing, I was all by myself … a very vulnerable state. But having their support made it a lot easier and having the fans’ support, knowing that they are excited by the new music and liking the stuff, it’s been a very overwhelming experience.

So you leave things anonymous for your fans, not for your own personal privacy … ? I mean sometimes I try to keep it quiet for myself too, because I just know that I’m still pretty cool with those I’ve been in relationships with. So if it’s a really mean or upsetting song, I don’t want to make anyone upset.

Have any of your exes’ songs made you think, “That’s about me”? Not really. I’m just more so focused on what I’m doing … It could be flattering if someone wrote a song about you.

Where do you see yourself at one of those slightly arbitrary milestone ages? Let’s say 30. I would say when I’m 30, I’ll hopefully have done a couple of records, solo records and with my brothers. More acting. I’ve got a couple opportunities coming my way so I’m hoping to further that acting career. And then, who knows, do something different. I love cooking, so open a restaurant or something!

Read more of the interview here and click inside to see all the videos from Joe’s AOL Sessions.

Just In Love

See No More

Love Slayer