Joe Jonas & Brenda Song Are Dinner Friends


Joe Jonas & Brenda Song were spotted by TMZ having dinner at Katsuya in Hollywood. Why do people always assume stars are dating if they are seen out together?

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  • Courtney

    They should leave Joe’s love life, ALONE!
    I love JB!


  • Kataaa

    ugh, i think that’s so annoying when a celebrity hangs with his friend and everybody is like ‘oh, they are totally dating!’
    i have male friends, too..

    and i don’t believe [and i don’t wanna believe] the twilight rumour. that would be awful.
    i mean it’s terrible enough that people have to wait 7 months [!!] between HP 7 1/2 and HP 7 2/2, but three parts? that’s way too much, and the book is not that full of events..

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  • 28990922

    Why do ppl always assume their dating just because they hang out??

  • Jenny

    Brenda Song and Joe Jonas are friends?

    They never mention it.