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Justin Bieber Shows Off His Finished Tattoo Sleeve in New Shirtless Instagram Pic

Justin Bieber is kicking off 2018 with some new ink. The 23-year-old is known for having a lot of tattoos and he has just added to his collection. Justin was last spotted out and about...

Demi Lovato Shares the Stories Behind Her Tattoos

Demi Lovato has her fair share of tattoos and in a new feature on iHeartRadio.com, she's sharing the meaning behind them. Demi got her first tattoo when she was 16 and now she has a...

Justin Bieber Gets Banksy Inspired Tattoo

Justin Bieber has pretty much filled up one of his arms with tattoos and now he's trying to fill up the other. This week, the 20-year-old took to his Shots account to share his latest...

Justin Bieber Continues to Get Tatted Up with New Eagle Tattoo

Justin Bieber is starting to run out of room on his left arm! The 19-year-old recently added an angel wing tattoo to his inner bicep on his left arm and just last night he continued...

Justin Bieber Continues to Fill His Arm with Tattoos, This Time with an Eye

Justin Bieber has gotten yet another tattoo. The 19-year-old took to Instagram to share his latest piece of body art - an eye on the inside of his forearm. He posted the pic with the...

One Direction Covers ‘Glamour’ Magazine & Zayn Shows Off New Tattoo

Rosie Huntington-Whitely is a lucky lady! The actress is featured on the cover of the August issue of Glamour magazine with five lads you might recognize - One Direction! The music issue cover has Rosie...

Demi Lovato Gets New Tattoo to Celebrate ‘DEMI’

Demi Lovato is celebrating the release of her album DEMI in a very permanent way! Demi's fourth album dropped this week and one of our favorite tracks is the emotional "Warrior." We have a feeling...

Justin Bieber Celebrates Reunion with Selena Gomez with a Tattoo of Her Face?!?!

Even though Selena Gomez was just gushing about being single on The Ellen Show last week, it looks like she is back with Justin Bieber! The 20-year-old flew across the pond to meet up with...

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