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“Andi Mack” Season 2 Set to Premiere October 27 With One Hour Episode

What will happen next between Andi & Jonah on "Andi Mack"? Fans have been eager to know since the season 1 cliffhanger and they'll soon be getting their answer! Disney Channel's hit show will be...

Sneak Peek of What’s to Come in Season 1 of “Andi Mack”

If you're one of the 2 million people who did not watch the season premiere of Disney Channel's new show "Andi Mack," on Youtube, you're in luck because the show officially premieres on TV...

Exclusive: “Andi Mack” Cast Discuss Show’s Messages & Reveal Fun BTS Stories

Disney Channel's new show "Andi Mack" just premiere on demand and we are hooked! The new show follows Andi Mack whose big sister returns on the eve of her 13th birthday with a big secret...

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