Wish Gone Amiss

Wish Gone Amiss Review

Once again Disney makes for a fun night in. Much like they did with “That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana,” they integrate three of their most popular shows at the moment with a similar theme: “Cory in the House,” “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,” and “Hannah Montana.” So what happens when all of these stars wish on a shooting star?

First up is “Cory in the House.” Cory wishes on the star that he would become President. He wakes up to his wish and realizes that being the President really isn’t a piece of cake. It turns out that aliens are taking over and replacing the White House employees and cabinet members. Will Cory be able to stop the invasion?

Next up is “Hannah Montana.” Miley Stewart, aka Hannah Montana, is feeling down and is starting to wish that people knew she was Hannah Montana. So when she sees the shooting star, that’s what her wish is. Turns out her life as Hannah Montana is great. She is super popular and even has a hot boyfriend (special guest star Jesse McCartney). But as time goes on she realizes that in return for her fame and fortune she gave up what was most important in her life, her friends and family.

Last up is the mischevious twins Zack and Cody. What kind of trouble and mayhem could they cause in the hotel? When they wish to be super heroes, everything imaginable starts happening. Equipped with super speed and the ability to read minds, the twins discover Moseby’s evil plot to turn every child into an adult. Will the twins be able to stop the “Meanager” before it’s too late? WIll they
be able to handle the power and responsibility that comes with being a superhero?

Each of these episodes shows what Disney is best known for: Turning every day situations and problems into something fun that kids can learn from. These episodes show that sometimes what you wish for isn’t as great as you think and you should appreciate what you have been given.

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