Sonny With A Chance: Sonny’s Big Break DVD

Demi Lovato stars in Disney’s new hit show, “Sonny With A Chance,” often called a comedy show about a comedy show. The show is now on DVD for the first time featuring 4 hilarious episodes and a never-before-seen bonus episode.

Demi Lovato stars as “Sonny Monroe,” a girl from the Midwest who is chosen to star on her favorite sketch comedy show, “So Random.” She joins castmates Tawni Hart (Tiffany Thornton), Nico (Brandon Smith), Grady (Doug Brochu) and Zora (Allisyn Arm). Of course there is also heartthrob Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight) from the rival show, teen drama “Mackenzie Falls.”

The sketches are funny, the tension between Sonny & Chad leave us wanting more, and the friendships between the characters will keep you entertained.

The DVD contains 4 episodes including the first episode when Sonny moves to LA and “West Coast Story” where the audience first sees the attraction between Sonny and Chad. The never-before-seen bonus episode, “Sonny in the Middle,” provides laughs as Sonny’s gift almost breaks up the friendship of Nico and Grady, and she must find a way to fix it.

Other bonus features include the “Mackenzie Falls” season finale short and clips of Demi Lovato’s audition for the show.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Disney’s funniest new show, in stores now.


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