Review: Princess Protection Program

“Princess Protection Program” Review

-BFF’s Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez take their real life friendship to the movies in Disney Channel’s original movie, “Princess Protection Program.” The movie, which premiered on June 26th and is the 3rd highest ranked DCOM, tells the story of two different girls who learn to overcome their differences to help each other. Carter (Selena Gomez) is a tomboy who lives in Louisiana with her dad, Major Mason (Tom Verica). She spends her time working at the bait shop, bowling and trying to win the affections of Donnie (Robert Adamson).

Rosalinda (Demi Lovato) is the young princess of a small country who is preparing for her coronation. However, things are interrupted when the evil General Kane takes over. To protect her, Rosalinda is sent off to the Princess Protection Program until the government can find a way to get rid of Kane. Her name is changed to Rosie, and since Major Mason is the only person she trusts, she is sent to live with him. Upon meeting, Rosie and Carter clash right away. It’s fun to see how their friendship develops. The two clash but soon realize they have more in common then they think.

While the movie is quite predictable, it is told in a sweet way which makes you relate to both characters. The movie is full of fun characters, including the mean girls, played by Samantha Droke & Jamie Chung, and of course the bully guys played by Kevin G. Schmidt and Robert Adamson. Also rounding out the cast is Nicholas Braun as the goofy yet loveable Ed, who is in love with Carter.

The DVD comes with extras including the music video for Demi & Selena’s duet, “One In the Same” from the movie. There is also a behind the scenes featurette called “Royal & Loyal BFF’s” and a featurette where the filmmakers talk to real princesses.

It’s the perfect movie to watch with your bff and Demi and Selena have perfect chemistry together on screen and off. It’s definitely one of the best DCOM’s we’ve seen in a while. Be sure to pick up a copy in stores now!