Hatching Pete & Dadnapped Review

Hatching Pete & Dadnapped Review

-Last week, for the first time ever, Disney released two of their original movies as a double feature: “Dadnapped” and “Hatching Pete.” The single disc contains both movies, as well as great bonus features.

First up is “Dadnapped.” The movie stars Disney Channel favorites Emily Osment, David Henrie, Jason Earles, Moises Arias & Phil Lewis in a fun filled caper. Melissa’s (Emily Osment) dad, Neil, is a famous writer and he invests a lot of time into his character, Tripp Zoome, so much so that he is almost like the “son he never had.” Just as Melissa and her dad (George Newburn) are supposed to go on a fun “father-daughter” vacation, Neil gets a call and has to go promote his new book. In order to show Neil their invention, some super fanboys (Henrie & Arias) plot to kidnap Neil, but things turn sour when Neil is abducted by a pair of no-good brothers. It’s up to Melissa to save her dad and be the hero.

The bonus features for “Dadnapped” include and extended ending and the segment: Trip Zoome: Off The Rails: An Animated Graphic Novel. Also included is the music video for “Hero In Me” performed by Emily Osment.

The second movie on the disc, “Hatching Pete” offers a nice contrast to the action of “Dadnapped.” “Hatching Pete” is ultimately a story about discovering yourself and learning to be comfortable in your own shell. Pete Ivey (Jason Dolley) flies under the radar at his high school, often mistaken for the “new kid in school.” His best friend Cleatus Poole (Mitchel Musso) is the complete opposite: loud and outspoken. Cleatus is the school’s mascot, a long living tradition in the Poole household. Cleatus discovers he is allergic to the chicken costume, but he doesn’t want to end the tradition of his family, so he enlists Pete to secretly take his place as the chicken. In the chicken suit, Pete discovers a whole new side to himself and makes the chicken super popular. Cleatus starts reaping the benefits of Pete’s performance and Pete starts to wonder whether he should reveal himself or keep it a secret. The movie also stars Tiffany Thornton and Josie Loren.

The bonus features included for “Hatching Pete” include “Unmasking The Mascot – A Hatching Pete bonus feature so viewers can find out what it’s really like inside the suit!” as well as the music video for “Let It Go” performed by the films stars, Mitchel Musso & Tiffany Thornton.

Both movies offer laughter and entertainment for all ages. While they aren’t two of Disney’s best DCOM’s, each movie has a great message for children and offers it in a new creative way.

The double feature is available on Disney DVD now.