Jonas Brothers 3D Premiere Recap

Jonas Brothers 3D Premiere Recap

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-SO-M had the chance to attend the premiere for Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience on Tuesday evening in Hollywood and we thought we’d give you a recap of our experience! We arrived pretty early, around 1pm or so. We wanted to see how many fans showed up early and there were already a lot on both sides of the street when we arrived. A group of fans across the street from the theater were having so much fun, they were getting all the cars passing by to honk. And they were pretty successful!

Then around 4pm it was time to check in! We stood in line and I turned to my right and guess who was standing next to me…Ross the Intern!!! He’s so funny! After I checked in, I got lead to my own spot on the press line. It was so cool seeing “Shine On Media” on a sign. We were right in between Tiger Beat/Bop and US Weekly. It was very intimidating.

-Around 5pm the stars started to arrive. First they posed for all the photographers then they made their way down the press line. Not everyone stops for all press and some even skip the press line. On the other side from the press line were a bunch of lucky fans. Many of the stars took the time before going into the theater to go hang out with the fans and take pictures. Hence all the screaming. We talked to about 6 of the guests at the premiere, so stay tuned for those interviews. Meaghan Martin was adorable and so full of energy. And we loved her dress! Brandon Smith was so funny and we overheard US Weekly ask Jason Earles and Emily Osment if they were dating. So funny. We saw Debby Ryan after the premiere and she was so sweet and loves the site. I saw Frankie Jonas run by and then Brenda Song and Maya Kibbel also ran by. I talked to Maya for a minute about the insanity of everything. Just the whole experience was so crazy and fun.

Check out more of the stars on the carpet in the gallery of pics at the bottom of the post

The madness really started when the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato finally arrived. It got so loud. Near the end of the purple carpet, Kevin, Nick and Joe along with Demi helped Radio Disney pick some lucky winners from the fans on the purple carpet to go in and see the movie.

Then it was time to go into the movie! I walked in and they’re giving out free grilled cheese made to order, soda and popcorn in buckets with the movie poster on it! How cool. I looked over and saw the guys of Honor Society hanging out, each holding a soda and popcorn bucket. They all looked so spiffy and were super nice as always. I also got to meet Jordan Pruitt. Then it was time to go to my seat. The usher took me down, and uh oh…someone was in my seat! Can you guess who it was? None other than Sterling Knight from “Sonny With A Chance!” He was chatting with his friend Vincent Martella (“Phineas and Ferb”). He apologized and we both thought it was funny. It was crazy seeing all the stars mixed in with the fans in the theater. About two rows behind me was Nicole Anderson from “JONAS” and behind her was Chelsea Staub. In the row across from her were the Jonas Brothers’ and Demi’s bands.

Then it was movie time! The Jonas Brothers and Demi all came out to introduce the movie and then it started. The crowd clapped and sang along the entire time! Definitely be sure to go see the movie. We kind of wish there had been a little more backstage footage, etc, but it was amazing nonetheless. Check out some more of our pictures from the purple carpet below as well as a video of the action on the purple carpet. We’ll post our first interview tomorrow! For all the pics, etc from the premiere, click HERE. See the rest of the pics HERE.