Varsity Fanclub Interview

Exclusive Varsity Fanclub Interview

Shine On Media caught up with the boys of Varsity Fanclub before their show opening for Jordin Sparks & Jesse McCartney in Trenton, NJ on Sept 26. Check out the interview below as they talk about their debut album, their influences and the pranks that happen on the road. Stay tuned to the end for a special treat. Here’s a little bio on VFC: The Boys of Varsity Fanclub have arrived. Thomas Fiss, Jayk Purdy, Bobby Edner, David Lei Brandt, and Drew Scott make up the newest all-boy singing group in music. Varsity Fanclub is ready for the big time… a male vocal group who can both dance and sing and write their own material. For Varsity Fanclub, it’s all about entertaining their fans. ‘That’s the #1 thing for us,’ says Jayk. ‘When we step on stage, we don’t want it to come off as just another performance. We want it to seem we’re putting on a show for each and every member of that audience. We’re not just going through the motions. We’re going to entertain you.’ Their debut album comes out on Jan 13. You can check out Varsity Fanclub at and Their single, “Future Love” is NOW available on iTunes.

Exclusive SO-M VFC Interview