Phil Bensen Interview

Exclusive Phil Bensen Interview

If you asked him, Phil would tell you that he’s “a kid from Jersey I guess”. That’s exactly the approach he takes with his music and songwriting. He likes to write about the circus that is, everyday life. “I like to write about things people can relate to, but from a different perspective than they’re used to…at least I hope it comes across that way. I like to think that songs like ‘high heels and a miniskirt’ and ‘paper airplanes’ have common themes, but are delivered in a unique sort of way”. With a voice reminiscent of a John Mayer or Jason Mraz, mixed with a sort of Jackson 5 Michael Jackson, you can understand why people are really taking notice.
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You’ve seen him open for acts like the Jonas Brothers and Secondhand Serenade, but get ready to see a lot more of Phil!

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