Nick Jonas Talks The Administration, Songwriting & More

-We had the chance to catch up with Nick Jonas recently before his show in Boston. The 17-year-old singer talked to us about the holidays, The Administration, songwriting, and more. Check out some highlights and watch the interview below. Stay tuned! We’ll be posting more of our exclusive interview with Nick on Tuesday.

On having snow in Texas for the holidays: What was funny was the day before Christmas Eve it was 70 degrees outside. The next day, on Christmas Eve it snowed. It was just kind of hard to believe, but it was beautiful.

On the best gift he gave: Collectively, with some other people, we got our dad a massage chair.

On forming The Administration: The idea came about after I realized I was writing some songs that stylistically were a bit different from the Jonas Brothers sound…I knew that they were different and I wanted to do something with them, so I met with the management team, talked to them about it. Met with Kevin and Joe, of course and talked to them about it. They were all excited and supportive.

On how making this album was different than making a Jonas Brothers album: It’s recorded simultaneously as a group, so we were all in booths in the studio playing at the same time, as opposed to recording one instrument at a time and doing overdubs. You really get that raw rock feel that I was going for on this record.

On his favorite song on the album & to perform: It kind of changes every day. At this moment in time, I’d have to say “Rose Garden” is probably my favorite song. As far as performing live goes, there is a song that’s not on the album called “Stay”…the response so far has been great and they’re already singing along.

On his favorite movie from last year: I have this movie from the past year that I really loved that not many people know about. It’s called The Invention of Lying. If you get the chance, check that out cause I loved it.