Mitchel Musso Interview

Exclusive Mitchel Musso Interview

With the release of “Monster House” on DVD October 24, just in time for Halloween, we have an exclusive interview with the star himself. The interview, conducted by our good friend Raul, was actually done when “Monster House” hit theaters, so I’m sorry for the delay in getting this up, but better late than never!!! Here are some highlights from the interview. Be sure to download the full mp3 of the interview and give it a listen. And don’t forget, “Monster House” is on DVD Oct 24 and continue watching Mitchel on “Hannah Montana.”

Raul:What’s the movie all about?
Mitchel:It’s about a 3 neighborhood kids who try to stop this monster house and the way it became a monster house is this lady who…

Want to know the rest of what Mitchel says?? Be sure to download the mp3
to hear Mitchel explain what “Monster House” is all about!

Note: Currently Reuploading
Download the interview here and once again, thanks to Raul!!!