Meaghan Martin & Nicholas Braun: Expect Lots of Kissing

-We have a funny interview to share with you all!

On Monday, we had the chance to chat with Meaghan Martin & Nicholas Braun on a conference call interview. We had the chance to ask them quite a few questions, and these two are hilarious.

Meaghan and Nick talked about the upcoming season of “10 Things I Hate About You,” which premieres on March 29 at 8pm EST on ABC Family, what other projects their working on, Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato, Meaghan’s hair and love for Harry Potter, and Nick even beatboxed during the interview. Some of our favorite answers are to what shows they’d guest star on, what kind of roles they want to play in the future, and what they would do if they could write an episode of “10 Things.”

Check out the full interview below. (Note: Some of the statements from Nick & Meaghan were made jokingly) Also, don’t forget that you can get the first 10 episodes for FREE on iTunes.

SO-M: The show is obviously based on a popular movie and a lot of spin-offs or shows based on movies haven’t done so well. What is it about your show that you think has made it so successful since it has been liked by critics and fans?

Meaghan: Well, we don’t have vampires like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I think having Nick Braun has made the show a successful spin-off ultimately.
Nick: Oh man, you know how to make me blush over the phone.
Meaghan: I try.
Nick: I mean, what’s made it so successful, I think that we tap into a very real part of what high school kids are going through and what sisters are going through. I think people want to watch that. Aside from that, just to give it right back to her, Meaghan Martin is beautiful to watch on screen.
Meaghan: Well, thanks, Nick.
Nick: That is one camera friendly face right there.

SO-M: I love your guys’ chemistry. Did you find that happened right off the bat or did you have to work towards that?

Meaghan: We get along really well.
Nick: I had to take her on a lot of picnics.
Meaghan: Yes. He had to woo me.
Nick: I really had to woo her into liking me. No, it seemed pretty seamless. The pilot was cool. I mean, Meg’s like my sister. I feel like in a year and change that we’ve been working together, we’ve gone through a lot and so I think it only helps too, like our off-screen relationship to our on-screen relationship.

SO-M: Nick, we hear that you’re quite a prankster. Can you share any pranks that you’ve pulled while filming?

Nick: Oh man, am I a prankster or do I just like to see people squirm? Well, let’s see, what have I done? [Jokingly] Yes, I set Meaghan’s trailer on fire once. That was not funny. Gosh, I can’t even remember what pranks I’ve done, but we try to keep it pretty light on set because the show is so casual. Well, it’s not casual, but it’s a comedy and so we’re all sort of just messing with each other and joking around and it’s a very light set. I’m in Austria right now doing a movie and everybody’s German and it’s very serious and like—
Meaghan: Those Germans… [Laughs]
Nick: It’s very strict, and I’m like yes, it is time to eat some weinerschnitzel. It’s so much lighter on the set of 10 Things. But yes, that’s the gist.

SO-M: And on Twitter, Meaghan, we saw that you posted some pictures of your hair change. Was that for another role coming up or just for fun?

Meaghan: No, I was just really bored and decided I didn’t want to be blonde anymore since I had some time off.
SO-M: Nice. It looks good.
Nick: It looks great. It looks really good.
Meaghan: Well, thank you so much.

SO-M: If the writers gave you the power to like write an episode of 10 Things, what would you want to happen on it?

Meaghan: I know exactly what I would want. I would want it to be a dream sequence where we all play each other’s characters.
SO-M: What character would you want to play?
Meaghan: Patrick, obviously.
Nick: A dream sequence. I like that, but I think I would set it in the 80’s.
Meaghan: Fast forward. We’re all like 50 years old. That would be fun, too.
Nick: Yes. Oh, that would be cool, too. But I like the baby version of “10 Things I Hate About You.”

SO-M: If you guys could have anybody guest star on the show, who would you want to come in and what kind of character would you want them to play?

Meaghan: Neil Patrick Harris. I’d want him to be our teacher.
Nick: That would be so funny. He can play Doogie Howser, the school doctor.
Meaghan: Yes! He could be the school nurse. We should make that happen immediately. It would be a musical episode. He should have to sing.
Nick: That would be awesome. Who would I have? I would have Queen Latifah come on and she could play my mom.

SO-M: What kind of things do you guys like to do in your free time?

Meaghan: I like to bake, read Harry Potter, obsess over Harry Potter in many ways, especially now that the theme park is opening at Universal Studios and I’m going to scream of sheer excitement.
Nick: Oh my, you’re going to have a blast there.
Meaghan: Can you even imagine?
Nick: Oh. She’s going to be like a little kid at a candy store. What do I do in my free time? I probably play too many video games. I play a lot of Call of Duty. I play some tennis. I play some golf. I hang out with Meaghan a lot.
Meaghan: Obviously.
Nick: I lunch with her like five days a week. Actually, before I came out to Austria, we were all hanging out so much, us, the cast.
Meaghan: Yes, we were. We were with each other all the time.
Nick: They’re some of my best friends, our cast. It’s so cool. We get along really, really well outside of shooting.
Meaghan: When we’re shooting we don’t get along at all. We fight constantly.
Nick: Yes, we challenge each other’s artistic integrity all the time. [Laughs]
Meaghan: I thought you were going to say we challenge each other to duels and I was like oh, okay…
Nick: Duels in the courtyard at lunch.

SO-M: Meaghan said earlier she’s going to be singing on an episode and, Nick, you told us a long time ago that you also sing. Will we ever get to hear you sing for real?

Nick: Yes, I do sing. And I will sing in this season of 10 Things actually, which was really fun and it’s—yes, I’m not going to give you too much because it’s a really cool moment for Cameron. But it was scary singing. I don’t know how you do it, Meaghan, in front of thousands of people. It’s really scary, but it was great. I think it turned out really well.
Meaghan: He did a great job. He should not have been scared at all. He was fabulous.

SO-M: If you had to tell people why they should tune into these next ten episodes, what would you tell them?

Meaghan: I would say that they should tune in because who doesn’t want to watch the entire cast making out with different people for the better part of 22 minutes?
Nick: There is a lot of kissing this season, yes. Yes, to that, my character, Cameron, has his first kiss this season, his first relationship. But better than that, his first kiss. And it is super special.

Q: Can you tell us, without going into spoilers, maybe in vague terms, what can we expect with Cameron and Bianca in the new episodes coming up?
Meaghan: Well, in the new episodes there’s a whole new world developed for Cameron and Bianca, because where the last ten left off Cameron catches Bianca kissing Joey. That, I think, really breaks his heart, but he eventually moves on. I think maybe Nick should talk a little bit more about Cameron’s growth throughout the next ten episodes.
Nick: Well, Cameron ended the first ten episodes with a lot of heartbreak. Obviously, Bianca was his first love and his first heartbreak, and so the next ten show him trying to recover and move on, and he actually ends up finding someone else. I’m not going to tell you who, but it’s a really cute little relationship, and he and Bianca, we’ll see if they stay friends. It’s kind of unsure at this point.

Q: Can you talk about how you both got involved in this project? How did you come to be a part of the cast?
Nick: Yes, it was pretty cool. I was told to meet Carter Covington, who’s our awesome creator, and I went in, and they gave me the script. I saw Cameron, and I was like this character’s so funny and will be so much fun to play. I got in there and there are some parts when you just feel really connected to the role and excited to do it. It just happened to go my way, and I was the right guy for the job, and so it still feels like we’re building the show, which is really cool. I think we’re all building it together.
Meaghan: I auditioned for the show, and after I went in for casting, and they told me I was not right for the part, which I now find quite ironic. A few weeks later, I got a phone call that they wanted me to come in for another part. I guess they must have confused me for somebody else early on in the process because when they sent me the script I was going in for the role of Bianca again! I thought, “Okay, well, maybe they just mixed up my papers with somebody else’s or something.”

I went back in and I was with Carter Covington, our creator, and Gil Junger, the director of the pilot and a lot of our episodes, and Gil said to me after my performance, “Where did you come from?” And I said, “Las Vegas?” I ended up getting the part, and it’s just been such a growing process and I’ve made so many friends. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been working on it for over a year now. I love the cast and I love the crew and I love everyone involved. It’s been such an honor to work on this project and to grow with it. And, hopefully, we get to do it a lot more.

Q: Meaghan, are you going to get to use your musical talents at all in the show? I know everybody loves you in Camp Rock!
Meaghan: Aw, thank you. Thank you very much. But yes, I do sing. In the next ten, there’s a talent show episode where Dana Davis, who plays Chastity, and I sing a duet together.

Q: Meaghan, I was wondering, what about your role continues to challenge you?
Meaghan: I think the biggest challenge with Bianca is that we’re kind of going through things at the same time, like a character who’s younger than you is usually easier to play because you’ve already experienced what they’re going through. But Bianca, although she is technically younger than me, is going through a lot of similar things to me in own life, and I think there’s actually a bit of challenge in discovering myself as Bianca discovers herself. It’s also fun and I think, in a way, it’s helped me to get to know myself better.

Q: Nick, social networking has become such a big part of promotion for all different kinds of TV shows and movies. Why do you think it’s so important to target that audience now?
Nick: Well, what’s really cool about that is that they get to see what kind of person you are in your everyday life. I try not to do too much of sort of self promotion and talking about the show and stuff, because I think what’s good about Twitter is that they get to see who you are and what you’re up to and sort of just checking in with them. It blows my mind that I can respond to somebody who’s in India in a second, I mean, it’s just really cool that we have fans from across the world that love the show that are interested in the show and us and that we get to share this pretty cool project with them.

Q: Meaghan, would you say your most memorable moment from filming season two of the show would be your singing performance coming up?
Meaghan: I think that’s definitely a memorable part, but probably, not the most memorable. The most memorable for me is the moment between Joey and Bianca. That comes up towards the end of the next ten, it’s at the end of the eighth episode, and it’s a really, really, really beautiful, sweet moment between the two of them. And I think that was by far my favorite to film and the most memorable.

Q: What’s been your favorite moment so far on the show?
Nick: It’s tough to say because there are so many cool, defining moments. The pilot was really sweet when we all connected and we got this sense that we clicked and that things clicked and that this was going to be a cool ride if we got to do it. It is kind of a roller coaster ride, like we shoot and then we’re not shooting and then we’re shooting and we’re hoping to keep going. But there’s been a lot of memorable moments. I mean, character wise, I had a really cool moment this ten episodes where Cameron really breaks out of his shell and it’s that kind of moment that high school kids will identify with in that he’s growing up and he’s getting over this heartbreak and he’s becoming his own man. So yes, look out for that talent show episode. It’s going to be a pretty cool one for Cameron.
Meaghan: I think that definitely the most memorable moments for me would have to be every time I get to connect with another actor on the show. There’s always a new moment where Lindsey Shaw and I have an emotional scene or a loving scene or Larry Miller and I or Nick and I, and every time I get one of those scenes, which luckily for us we have great writers, so it happens almost every episode, it’s just you wake up and you go to work and you do your job and you come home and you’re like that is why I do this. That is why I love this. And that’s what it’s all about is working with such incredibly talented people and learning from them every day. And I’m honored to do so. And it’s my favorite part of my job, definitely.

Q: Well, speaking of Lindsey, I want to know, how do you see the relationship between Bianca and Kat evolving?
Meaghan: Bianca and Kat, they have a fun relationship. They’re very different. They have different views on life. But ultimately, they both want the same thing. They both have goals. They both want to be loved. They both want to be accepted. They just have totally different ways of doing it. And I think Lindsey Shaw does an absolutely stunning job playing Kat, and I love her to death. And fortunately, our relationship in real life is a bit better than Kat and Bianca’s. It’s more loving than theirs’, I think. But at the end of the day, Kat and Bianca do love each other.

Q: What are you enjoying most about playing Cameron?
Nick: Well, Cameron’s funny because he’s kind of a free spirit in his own quirky way. So every week when I see the script it’s surprising, like he’s really just an entertaining guy. He just hasn’t been given a chance to spread his wings that much, but he’s just like so quirky and I get to bring out these sorts of oddities in my own self to play him. It’s fun to go back to high school and remember those years when I didn’t know what to say to a girl or how to show that I was interested in them or how to do the whole flirting thing, which is a tricky thing. So it’s fun to play him as he’s learning himself.

Q: When “Ruby and the Rockets” was cancelled, were you both nervous that “10 Things” might not get renewed?
Meaghan: Definitely. That was a nerve-wracking time for us, because you look at the technical side of it, and the numbers that shows like “Make it or Break it” and “Secret Life of the American Teenager” get are, honestly, they get quite a bit more viewers than us. When we saw that Ruby and the Rockets was cancelled, that stuff really scared me, but I’m glad that we keep going strong. I wish that cast the best of luck with everything else in their career.
Nick: I mean, ditto. I wasn’t exactly sure what to think. I’ve never had a show before so I just hoped for the best. I knew we made a really cool product the first ten episodes and whatever happened, happened. But luckily, the fans responded and like what we’re doing so they get to see some more.

Q: Are you finding it easier to play your characters now that you’ve been on the show for a season?
Meaghan: Yes, it definitely gets easier. The better you know your character, the more naturally it comes. But at the same time I don’t know that I ever want it to be easy, because the minute it gets easy I think I get too comfortable. And so I always am trying to search for what I can do to make my performance better and to get to know Bianca better and my goal is always to know her as well as I know myself, maybe even better.
Nick: Yes, it’s not easy because the writers are constantly growing and changing our characters, not in big ways but in little ways, where we sort of have to check into it. You really have to sort of—it’s like a strategy, the development of what they’re doing for us, and this season especially, I think everybody grew so much and we got to work with everybody, it felt like, at least for me. I got to work with Ethan and Lindsey, who both are so much fun to work with, and just like sort of playing myself in-between their sexual tension was kind of cool because it is so—you can just cut it with a butter knife. So it was really sweet. And yes, it’s not easy. Having a TV series is a lot of work, but they keep us on our toes, that’s for sure, the writers.

Q: In a recent interview with Lindsey Shaw and Ethan Peck, they were asked to give us some facts about you two, and we were told that Meaghan is a great baker and that Nick is a talented freestyler.
Meaghan: Nick, you should rap for us right now.
Nick: Oh my gosh, I can’t rap over the phone. I’ve got to do it in person.
Meaghan: Please just try for me.
Nick: My mind is going at a million miles per hour. Let’s see, ah, I can’t do it. I can’t do it! I’m going to embarrass myself. But I can beatbox for you, if you want, I can try that. Hopefully, you can hear this well over the phone. (Beatboxes).

Q: Can you guys tell us what you would like to tell us about Lindsey and Ethan, like, what would you say about them?
Meaghan: Oh. Well, a basic thing about Ethan is he’s—at first, it took me awhile to really crack the shell of Ethan because he’s a shy person. And you would think that he’s a lot like Patrick, but he’s actually not. Ethan is quite possibly the nicest guy ever, and also he sends the greatest text messages because he uses completely proper grammar.

One time I saw him walking down the street and I texted him, saying, “I just saw you walking down the street.” And he texted back, “Oh, my goodness. May I come and say hello?” That was his quote-unquote response. I was very excited by that. I told him that I think that was the greatest text message I’ve ever received.
Nick: “May I come and say hello?” [Laughs] Yes, they’re so awesome. I mean, together they have awesome chemistry. They’re so much fun to watch. I mean, the thing about Lindsey is that she—I haven’t seen a lot of her work outside of the show but on this show she does some things that are just so moving.

For example, there was a scene – I think it was episode 9. She comes up to Patrick and, I don’t think there are even any words, but you get everything she’s doing, just with her eyes and behavior. And I think that’s like such a nuanced thing to do as an actress, so I have a lot of respect for both of them as actors and I can’t wait to keep working with them.

Q: So if you guys could change one thing about your characters, what would it be?
Meaghan: Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know that I would change anything about Bianca because everything about her is what makes her Bianca. I know a lot of the things—I like everything that makes her different from me because I wouldn’t want to go to work and play myself every day. That would be horribly obnoxious. I also like having similarities to myself, too, in her, though. I don’t know, I don’t think I’d change anything about Bianca. That’s a hard question. What about you, Nick?
Nick: I think I would make Cameron—I think it would be funny to see him be like faux edgy. Like—
Meaghan: He should have like a Mohawk? [Laughs]
Nick: Like he has an arc where he just imitates Patrick, like he starts wearing a beater and like riding a—he doesn’t ride a motorcycle, he rides like a Segway Scooter. And I think it would be such a funny arc to see him try and be a tough boy, try and be baddened up a little bit. Maybe I’ll pitch that to the writers for the next season.

Q: What’s your favorite TV show?
Meaghan: My favorite TV show is 30 Rock.
Nick: My favorite TV show, I think is either It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Breaking Bad.
Meaghan: Oh, Breaking Bad is really good.

Q: If there is any show you could guest star on, what would it be?
Nick: Make it or Break It.
Meaghan: I guess 30 Rock. I’m not being very original.
Nick: And I would do “Make it or Break it” and be a star gymnast.
Meaghan: Oh, wait. I want to be on The Secret Life Of The American Teenager and be pregnant.
Nick: Oh, you’d play a good pregnant girl, I think.
Meaghan: Oh, thank you, Nick. You’re so nice.

Q: Anything new coming up for either one of you that you’d like to give us some details about?
Meaghan: Nicholas, go ahead, you’re filming in Austria.
Nick: Well, yes. I’m in Austria shooting this really cool movie called Chalet Girl, and it’s this sweet little romantic comedy. I play a guy named Nigel who is sort of a goofy American boy, 21, sort of the type of guy that just wants to get laid, but has no tact. And it’s really fun. I’m actually working with the director of a few episodes of 10 Things, this guy, Phil Traill. And Ed Westwick is starring in it and Bill Nighy, a really well-known English guy, so it’s fun. I’m working with all British people. It’s been interesting.
Meaghan: Woo-hoo. I have “Camp Rock 2” coming out at the end of the summer on Disney Channel.

Q: Earlier, someone mentioned that 10 Things was based on a critically acclaimed hit movie, which would possibly be a bit intimidating and then you throw in the factor that the movie was based on The Taming of the Shrew, which is one of Shakespeare’s most beloved plays. Did anyone mention that to you when you were going in for auditions? Did it affect you at all?
Meaghan: Yes. I think we all obviously knew that it was based on the movie, and I had seen the movie and loved it. My sister—I remember when the movie came out, she saw it multiple times in theaters. I was a little bit young when it came out for that. And I knew that it was based on The Taming of the Shrew, I read The Taming of the Shrew as soon as I was hired, but I think—it was intimidating, yes, definitely. But then you just have to kind of say to yourself well, how many things in the world are based off of Romeo and Juliet? I mean, you have West Side Story. You have all sorts of things and it’s also Taming of the Shrew, Kiss Me Kate which is a musical that’s based off Taming of the Shrew. So it’s just a long line. They always joke that there’s only seven original plots in all of Hollywood, so you can argue that everything is based on something.

And I think, for sure it was intimidating, but all we had to do was tell ourselves that we weren’t trying to be any of the other products. We were just simply creating our own little version of it and breathing new life into it.

Nick: Yes, I’d seen the movie, and, to be honest, I read the script for the show and I was like this is funny and this would be an awesome character to play and I didn’t really relate it to the fact that it’s based off Shakespeare or the film. I was kind of like this would be a really sweet job and awesome project. So I’m going to go hopefully get it.

Q: And you’re working with a comedy legend in Larry Miller, what’s it like working with him?
Meaghan: It is such an honor to work with Larry. I learn something new from him every day on set and he cracks me up. He’s very giving and he’s real. One of my favorite things about Larry is he’s not an intimidating presence. He doesn’t show off on set like oh, I’m Larry Miller and I’ve been in this movie and I’ve done this. That’s not his game. He shows up and he does his job. And if he thinks you’re doing a good job, he pulls you aside and he says you know what, that was really funny. I liked that. And one of my favorite moments with Larry was when he and I were doing press together and somebody asked if he felt paternal towards Lindsey and I, and he said “Not really. They’re my co-workers.” And I loved that. I just thought that was so real and great and honest and flattering at the same time.
Meaghan: Yes. I think the thing about Larry that I admire most is that he is so inventive on set. I mean, the scripts are great, but he’s constantly trying to find things that will—just sort of cool, funny watchable things that will bring more texture to a scene, which is very cool to watch and work off of. He’ll surprise you if he wants to, which is nice.

Q: Has he given you any pointers, done any onset tutoring as it were?
Meaghan: He hasn’t really given us any tutoring— it’s more about rolling with us as actors. He never really says oh, this is what I learned. I think you should do it like this. Because he’s so humble, I don’t think he would ever do that. But he definitely will say hey, Meaghan, I’m going to deliver my line like this. Why don’t you try it like this? And then if I say okay, Larry, then let’s try it like this one time, he’s on the same level as us. He doesn’t ever try to talk down to us. And I appreciate that. But I also—I would be totally willing to take any pointers he has. So maybe one day he will.
Nick: Yes. I think the biggest lesson is that it’s all about the work. It’s not about like any other shenanigans or like—I mean, he’s had such a long and prestigious comedy career and the fact that he basically just says I want to do this character and I want to do it well and I’m going to do it to the best of my ability. And I think that’s how we should always work. So it’s been nice to watch him work like that.

Q: Since Bianca and Cameron don’t have a lot of scenes together in this next ten, are the foot rubs nixed?
Meaghan: I haven’t gotten any foot rubs recently, Nick. Nick carried me recently because I was in high heels. He’s good about that. But we need to work on the foot rubs. I want the foot rubs to come back, please.
Nick: Yes. Next season I won’t ever let you walk. I’ll just carry you from set to set.
Meaghan: Perfect. That would be great.
Nick: I’ll make sure you’re carried. Yes, your feet will never touch the ground.
Meaghan: Oh, good. They shouldn’t.

Q: So Nick, Lindsey last week told us that she had a lot more scenes with you. What was it like working one on one with Lindsey?
Nick: With Lindsey, it’s cool because I have complete trust in her, and there was this one scene where we didn’t rehearse, we didn’t run lines. We didn’t tell each other what we’re going to do in the scene. We kind of were like okay, let’s do this. We both know what we’re going to do and we just sort of put the trust into each other and it was so much fun in discovering things when I’m working with her. And I wish I would have like take after take after take because it’s fun to build a scene with her. And luckily, I got to work in a bunch more episodes with her. And especially, the talent show episode, which is so awesome, me and her as partners, I guess I’ll put it that way, so I don’t give out too much info.

Q: Meaghan, I have to ask you since it just came up, so Joe and Demi Lovato have just come out saying that they’re dating. Were you at all surprised at that?
Meaghan: Honestly, no, not at all. But I’ve known them both for two years and I’ve watched them and they’re really good friends and they’re both great people and I’m very happy for both of them.

Q: How has being on the show impacted your lives?
Nick: It has impacted my life in that I have an awesome job to get to go do what I enjoy for the entire time we’re shooting. It’s so cool, this show and this cast. It doesn’t feel like a job. It just feels like I’m going to just go like have some fun with some people and play around. So it’s really cool that I get to have that in my life right now.
Meaghan: I totally agree and it just helps me become the person that I am today. It’s made me more confident. It’s so wonderful. I’ve had all these awesome people in my life that I get to spend time with every day and I’ve met new friends. My life would not be the same without Nicholas Braun. [Laughs] So it’s just been great. And there’s nothing better than waking up and going to work and laughing all day long and loving what you do and knowing that what you do is something that other people enjoy as well. So we’re all so blessed to come to work every day.

Q: What other types of roles would you guys like to try out for the future, drama, action?
Meaghan: I want to play a bad ass. I’m always either the naïve, shallow girl or the evil, mean girl. It would be fun to play like Keira Knightley in Pirates Of The Caribbean or Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, like an action hero, or it would be really fun to play the nerd. Those are my next two adventures.
Nick: I want to play Gumby in the live action version of the …because I don’t think anybody’s tall enough or lanky enough to pull it off.

Q: Nick, what’s the most challenging thing about Cameron this season?
Nick: The most challenging thing, I think, was breaking him out of that sort of naiveté he had in the first ten episodes. I mean, he was just such a sweetheart and just so oblivious sometimes and I really wanted to grow him up and make him a little bit more real and then give him some sort of, some moments that people can identify with, with their own high school years. I tried to bring my own high school experience to it more, I think, this ten episodes.

Q: Meaghan, Harry Potter Theme Park. What will be the first ride you go on?
Meaghan: Oh, that’s so tough. I don’t know, probably the dragon one. I don’t know, though. The dragon rollercoaster sounds awesome, but I’m excited about going into like Honeydukes and Olivander’s wand shop. Oh, my gosh. It’s so pathetic how excited I am.

Q: It sounds like everybody gets along really great, especially the two of you. But has there ever been any drama on the set, any fights, any—you guys were talking about pranks, anything that was a little dirty?
Meaghan: Luckily not yet. Probably if we get a second season, it’ll start happening during our second season. We can only like each other for so long, so that’s bound to end soon enough.
Nick: I’m going to start some drama with some people.
Meaghan: Yes, Nicholas, get in a fight. I’m done talking to you. After this call I don’t ever want to speak to you again.
Nick: I’m burning your phone number and I’m—
Meaghan: You’re burning my phone number??
Nick: Yep, and I’m sending you burning bags of poop to your front stoop right now, straight from Austria. [Laughs]
Meaghan: Wow, that’s kind of flattering, though, because that’s probably going to cost a lot of money to send it from Austria.
Nick: Yes, well, my hate toward you is worth the shipping cost.

In all seriousness, though, it’s so easy to be her friend. It’s incredible. And everybody, like it’s such a—gosh, they’re such awesome people we have in this cast. So no drama yet. No drama yet, but we’ll see. We’ll see. Meaghan, tell me how it goes when that bag comes to your door.
Meaghan: Okay, Nick, I will.

Q: You were talking about Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato, and their life is always on display. They have paparazzi following them constantly. Now that you’re on this show, the potential for that is there. Do you guys ever think about what your life would be if you had the paparazzi on your trail?
Meaghan: Yes, I mean I feel bad for people who can’t escape it. I think that’s hard and it’s frustrating and you don’t want to hide your life from the world, but at the same time you don’t want your life out there for everybody to see. And I think that I’m very lucky, and I’m sure Nick would agree, that I’m at the point in my life where I can be working and have success in my career and yet everybody doesn’t care about all of my personal life. I think that’s a perfect balance.

Nick: Yes, that’s true. It’s cool that we get to just do our thing and not get followed by all those crazy paparazzi. That’s got to be some kind of weird thing. But yes, so far, we’re good, me and Meg. We’re safe.