Lucas Till Interview

-We had the chance to talk with Lucas Till this week about his role in the new family action-comedy, The Spy Next Door. Lucas talked about perfecting his Russian accent, doing his own stunts, who he’d like to work with and lots more. Check out a few highlights and listen to the audio below. The Spy Next Door is in theaters TODAY.

On perfecting his Russian accent: I played a lot of Grand Theft Auto 4. I play a lot of video games. I showed up on set and I kind of thought, “maybe I’ll have an accent,” but it had never been addressed until I showed up.

Any advice from Jackie Chan? Not to punch like a girl [laughs]. He’s such a hard worker. By example, he taught me not to be a diva. People respect him because he has that work drive.

If you could spy on anyone who would it be? I’ve always been that person that doesn’t want to spy on people because I don’t want to know what they’re actually doing or thinking because I think it would hurt me too bad. Let’s see…If I could spy on the President to see what goes on…I’d have no career after that but…[laughs]

You’ve worked with stars like Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift. Who else would you like to work with? I think Selena Gomez is extremely talented. I don’t say that all that often. I have a lot of respect for people with a lot of talent and usually it’s people with a lot of experience and older. But I think Selena Gomez not only is extremely pretty, but a really good actress.

What else can we expect from you in 2010? I just wrapped up this movie, Battle: Los Angeles. Wait, it actually doesn’t come out until 2011, but we’ll be doing press for it this year. It stars Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez & Ne-Yo…I did an episode of the TV show “Blue Mountain State” on Spike TV, a college humor type of show about football players and what they do outside of football. That will be airing soon.

Full transcript coming soon.