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Jennifer Stone SO-M Interview Part 1

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-It’s a “wizards-full” year for Jennifer Stone. Season 3 of the hit show “Wizards of Waverly Place” just started filming and the TV movie based on the show opens in August and already looks like it will be a fan favorite.

SO-M had the chance to chat with Jennifer on the phone recently about working on the popular Disney show, the “Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana” special, her favorite things about Summer and more. Check it out. Check back later to see Jennifer’s answers to your questions.

How did you get started in acting? I got started because my older brother did theater. I was always the younger sibling that got dragged to all the rehearsals. So, I sort of, after watching so many rehearsals, realized that I kind of wanted a piece of it. So that’s how I got started, with the theater, and it kind of naturally progressed to where I am today.

Can you tell us anything about the “Wizards of Waverly Place” movie? It all depicts the Russo’s going on vacation and the trouble they get into. Of course they wouldn’t be the Russo’s if they didn’t get into trouble. [laughs] You have to tune in and see how they get in trouble specifically, but it’s pretty intense.

Do you have a favorite scene from the movie? There’s a scene Selena [Gomez] and I did on a subway car. I’m a big fan of action movies and it was my first stunt thing I got to do. We had to like slide and fall and it was very action involved. I was very excited about that. I felt like Angelina Jolie in that scene.

What was it like filming in Puerto Rico? I didn’t get to spend too long in Puerto Rico, but I definitely loved going to Old San Juan. It looked like Spain, with all the old architecture and everything. It was beautiful and just being around the ocean is always nice.

What would you like to see happen with Harper in Season 3 of WOWP? I would love to see Harper finally get a date with Justin. She’s been working so hard on getting him to notice her, so I’d love for her to finally get the pay off.

Do you have a favorite memory from the set? I have so many memories with everybody, but I really remember the very first episode shooting with everybody. I remember that specifically because it was just sort of, you know, you got to meet everybody and you knew inside that it was going to be the beginning of a really good thing. That was so true, that feeling, because they’ve really been wonderful and they’re like my second family. That feeling of you know, goodness, that you got from first meeting them is really wonderful.

Do you have a favorite episode? I do. The silent movie episode is my favorite, because I swear I do that with my friends, go to silent movies. So I was like, I totally get this. And being able to film a silent movie type scene was really surreal for me.

Harper wears a lot of crazy outfits. If you could make an outfit for her, what would you put on it? I don’t know. I’m trying to think of what Harper hasn’t done yet. [laughs] I would love to see her in, I know she’s done a lot of fruit themes, so I’d just love to see her go all out and dress up as a complete fruit. I think that would be hilarious. Because, I mean she’s done little touches of apples and stuff, but if she would just dress up as a complete apple, I think that would be really funny. She just needs to take the plunge.

What was it like filming the “Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana”? It was great. We’re all friends with the people from the other shows. We always see them at events and things like that. It was awesome getting to work with people I’m such good friends with. It was definitely very interesting, but in the best possible way.

Any hints about the episodes? [laughs] Well again, another vacation is involved, strangely enough. The Russo’s take a vacation, but this time it’s on the ocean. Pretty sure you can figure that one out. [laughs] It’s a fun episode.

Do you have a favorite guest star so far? That’s a hard one. There have been so many good ones. Hmmm, I really love Rachel Dratch, who guest starred. Coming from SNL it’s so amazing to be able to watch somebody like her work, who’s so talented at comedic acting. It was really interesting and very much a learning experience to watch her work for the week.

Is there anyone you would love to have guest star? I’d love to have Meryl Streep guest star, but I don’t really see that happening. [laughs]

You have guest starred on some shows yourself, do you have a favorite so far? I really enjoyed filming “House, M.D.” because that was my favorite role that I’ve ever done. It was not only transforming on the outside, but also on the inside, which was really nice. Those are my favorite kind of roles, ones that transform like that. So, I really enjoyed that one.

Any other upcoming projects? Besides “Wizards of Waverly Place,” I did an episode of “Phineas and Ferb.” I play Candice’s daughter which is very confusing, but it will make sense when the episode comes out. So that was really fun.

Is it fun to do voiceovers? Oh yeah. I totally went in like the comfiest clothes ever. It was so nice. There was no hair and makeup or wardrobe involved, which made life a little easier.

What do you like to do in your free time? I love to watch movies. I love movies so much and I get myself to the theater or blockbuster or whatever I can do to watch movies.

Who are your role models? My role models are definitely Meryl Streep and Johnny Depp. I love what they’ve done with their careers and I think they are very classy people. I like the fact that they’re different and they’re not afraid to be unique. But they definitely know where they stand on morals and things like that that are important to them. I respect the way they live their lives.

What’s something fans might be surprised to know about you? I really like things that are really creepy. [laughs] I love this new store out in LA. You walk in and it’s kind of like a horror movie, but I love that stuff. I’m a big fan of monster movies and horror and I love forensics. I’m kind of a creeper, in a good way. [laughs]

You’re really big into movies, but what about music? I am into music. Musicals are the best because it combines the two. But I’m a big music person.

If there was a soundtrack to your life, what song would have to be on it? I love the song by Bobby Darin called “The Curtain Falls.” It’s really great. It was one of the songs he did at the end of every one of his shows and it was the last song he ever performed, I believe. It’s just a really beautiful song talking about show business and sort of the relationship between working in this business and the people that follow you. It’s a really beautiful song.

Any advice for upcoming actors? I started in theater and I have a special place in my heart for theater. If there is a way you can join your school theater or local theater, that’s the best place to start.


Jennifer Answers Your Twitter Questions:

What is one place that you’d love to visit? I would love to go to Europe. I’m a big fan of Europe for some reason. I love all the history there. I would really love to go backpacking through Europe.

Do you have a favorite quote? I do. I have one that’s Ecclesiastes 3:1 which is for everything there is a season. I definitely think our lives are like a story. For everything that happens, whether it’s good or bad, it’s just another chapter. (Note: You can read the verse HERE)

Do you have a celebrity crush? I have quite a few. [laughs] My fave celebrity crush is probably Emile Hirsch. I like the quirky indie actors. I really like them.

You’re a big fan of musicals. Do you have a favorite? I really like “Wicked.” I think me, and every other musical geek, likes it. “Wicked” was pretty great.

Do you sing, and if so, do you plan to pursue it? I do sing. I’m a musical theater person. I’m totally that kind of girl, but the only way I would pursue music is if I did a Broadway musical. If I were lucky enough to be on Broadway, that would probably be the only way I’d sing.

Is there a particular musical you’d want to do? I would feel lucky in any musical.

Are there any similarities between you and Harper? Oh yeah. There are two main similarities, other than that we’re pretty different. We both like to take risks in fashion. Harper more than me, but I like to think I like to stray from the norm a little bit. That and we both get excited about things most other people don’t quite get. Like she gets excited about crafts and I’ll get excited about something like an iPod speaker that glows or whatever. [laughs] We both get excited over things that seem silly to other people.

Any message for the fans? Thank you! That’s my message. They’ve been so wonderful and I absolutely adore my fans. I try to reply as much as I can on twitter and SayNow. I just want to say thank you. They’ve been above and beyond amazing.

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