Honor Society Interview

Exclusive Honor Society Interview

Are you smart enough to be in the HONOR SOCIETY? These 4 guys hail from the suburbs of New York & New Jersey, Michael Bruno (guitar, lead vocals), Jason Rosen (keys, guitar, vocals), Andrew Lee (bass, harmonies) and Alexander Noyes (drums), the band is using their suburban roots to create a blend of pop, rock and R&B that has not been seen or heard before in the music scene. And from the buzz that is beginning to form around these guys, their efforts seem to be working wonderfully. Featured as Musiqtone’s You Gotta Know artist of February 2007, as well as on Yahoo’s music source "The 9," these gentlemen are destined to be the breakout band of 2008. Stay tuned to their MySpace (myspace.com/honorsociety) and their Official Fansite (honorsocietyfan.com) for major news including tour dates and so much more!

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