Cole Sprouse is the latest star to let Vogue into their space for a 73 Questions segment.

The “Riverdale” star gave Vogue’s Joe a glimpse at his pad where he has an amazing view of Vancouver. The video started off with Cole preparing to cook a tasty meal of carbonara and then continued with Cole talking about being a child actor, photography, archaeology and more.

When asked if he ever watches old episodes of “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,” Cole said “when I’m drunk or feeling really narcissistic.” We have a feeling he’s probably being sarcastic as his next answer is he doesn’t like watching himself. But we’re just going to pretend like he does take a trip down memory lane every now and then.

Cole was also asked about the biggest romantic gesture he’s done for someone. “I’m a road trip guy. I like the big sweeping vistas.” As far as the most romantic gesture done for him? “My heart is attached to my stomach. So, any cooked meal, any family recipe, that’s the way to my heart.”

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He then talked about his traveling and gave his number one travel tip – “Don’t nap on the first day. That’s the big no no.”

And when it comes to his favorite role he’s ever done? “I still have a very deep fondest for the Suite Life,” he shared.

It warms our heart to know that Cole still looks fondly on the show that made him a household name. While there will probably never be a reboot or reunion for it, we’re excited we still get to see Cole on our TV screens in “Riverdale.”

Check out Cole’s full 73 questions above. What celeb do you want to see take on 73 questions next?