The Challenge’s We Want OG’s Officially Coming to Paramount+ As “The Challenge: All-Stars” Plus “Road Rules” Getting a Reboot

Credit: Paramount+ via Youtube

Last year, MTV Challenge legend Mark Long started an online movement called “We Want OGs” and it looks like it has officially become a reality.

MTV’s The Challenge is on its 36th season and is still one of the network’s most popular shows. Over the course of those seasons, we’ve seen many faces come and go – some lasting just a season or 2 and other becoming fan favorites that we wish were still on our TV screens. Well, thanks to Mark Long’s “We Want OGs” movement which rallied for a show featuring the OGs, we’ll finally be getting some of those old school fan favorites on our screens.

Mark teamed up with Bunim Murray and “The Challenge: All-Stars” will officially be coming to Paramount+ (formerly CBS All Access) soon. There is no official premiere date yet, but we do have a teaser trailer that gives us our first cast members – Ruthie Alcaide (Real World Hawaii), Eric “Big Easy” Banks (The Challenge Fresh Meat), Trishelle Cannatella (Real World Vegas), Beth Stolarczyk (Real World Los Angeles) and Syrus Yarbrough (Real World Boston). If you want to know the rest of the cast, you’ll have to wait…or do some googling as spoilers are out there.

As for the show, according to the press release “All-Stars” will reunite 22 Challenge all-stars from the original Real World and Road Rules seasons who have been selected to return for a second chance at the ultimate competition. All have history, but when relationships are the key to survival, will these legends be able to form new bonds or will their past lead to their demise? With $500,0000 and their legacies on the line, which of these All Stars will prove they are still the best of the best?

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Watch – The Challenge: All-Stars Teaser:

Speaking of old school Road Rules days, get excited because “Road Rules” is officially coming back! Paramount+ also announced today they’re rebooting the classic reality show that took strangers and instead of putting them in a house, they put them in an RV to travel the world and do challenges along the way. It’s been 14 years since the show ended and we hope it goes better than the reboot of “The Real World” they tried to do on Facebook Watch. The new version will see a group of strangers abandoned in a far-flung location and stripped of their modern-day luxuries by boarding a restricted life in an RV, traveling from location to location. They will be guided by a set of clues, odd jobs, and missions for money. If they last to the end of the trip, they walk away with the life changing prize.

As big fans of The Challenge and the OG shows, we’re excited for both of these shows. Until they premiere, be sure to catch “The Challenge: Double Agents” Wednesday nights on MTV.

Which OG challenge star do you want to see on “All-Stars”?