Photo: YSBNow

“Andi Mack” may be on its mid-season break, but that didn’t stop us from trying to grill Joshua Rush & Luke Mullen for spoilers.

We caught up with the ship better known as Tyrus at the Kids’ Choice Awards 2019 where they joked about wanting to see their co-star Peyton Elizabeth Lee get slimed. Joshua was all in and ready to get slimed himself. Very brave for being in a white shirt. =)

We also asked about the situation with Kira and if she was maybe trying to blackmail TJ after seeing how close he and Cyrus were. Luke said, “Kira is a very jealous person” and Joshua hilarious told Luke to “be careful” as to not spill too much information. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see how that storyline plays out, but the duo also teased that the season finale is their favorite episode of the show so we’ll be waiting!

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Watch our full interview with Luke & Joshua below.