“Hold your breath, it gets better” is what some of us were crossing our fingers and saying after the first underwhelming teasers for Disney’s live-action remake of Aladdin were released.

At long last the first full trailer for Aladdin has arrived and we can let out that breath because it’s safe to say, it does get better. The trailer gives us our first listen of the music in the film including snippets of the classics “Friend Like Me” and “A Whole New World.” We also get to see Will Smith as the genie in his blue form as well as his human form which he takes on to blend in while guiding Aladdin. We’re assuming having the genie take on the form of a bee and other things to blend in would have just been, well, too cartoon-y.

We have to admit, the trailer gives us the nostalgia feels especially with those musical number sequences, we love Abu and that magic carpet ride looks like a whole lot of fun. The film is now shaping up to look like a good time and it has many twitter fans changing their tune after ragging on the initial teasers.

In other exciting Aladdin news, it’s been announced that Alan Tudyk will be voicing Jafar’s wise-cracking side kick Iago in the film. Tudyk is no stranger to voicing roles for Disney as he appeared as KnowsMore in Ralph Breaks the Internet, HeiHei in Moana, and Duke Weaselton in Frozen to name a few.

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What are your thoughts on the new trailer for Aladdin? Will you be seeing the movie when it releases May 24?

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