33 Times the Jonas Brothers Made Us Swoon in the “Sucker” Music Video


In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Jonas Brothers are back and just released this epic video for their song “Sucker”.

For the video, the guys enlisted their beautiful significant others – Priyanka Chopra, Danielle Jonas & Sophie Turner – for a super fun and sexy video that is full of swoon-worthy moments like:

Nick looking at Priyanka the way we wish he’d look at us.

Joe in a turtleneck.

Umm, did we know that Kevin could play the bass?

Kevin making fencing actually look sexy.

Kevin still slapping that bass.

Ugh, the way Joe throws his head back because he’s so into the music.

This. Just everything about this.

Joe spilling the tea…

Joe proving he’s a super fun boyfriend.

The way Joe always make it seem like he’s singing to you.

Joe down on his knees and we don’t know what Kevin is doing but we don’t care.

Us seriously wishing we were Sophie right now.

Whoever decided to put the JoBros in a bubble bath needs a raise.

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Joe giving the eyes.

The classic group shot.

How perfectly Nick fits in Priyanka’s arms.

Kevin’s butt…we mean Kevin riding a stuffed animal.

Joe having what looks like an exorcism.

Kevin whistling…or puckering his lips…

Nick doing some heavy thinking.

Kevin twirling Danielle like a princess.

Nick showing how important it is to stay hydrated.

Joe leading Sophie on the dance floor.

Joe’s classic leg kick.

This seriously steamy Nick & Priyanka moment straight out of a romance movie.

Joe saying goodbye purity rings, hello fifty shades…

Nick giving us all a ticket to the gun show.

Nick entering “daddy” status…we immediately regretted writing that, but what’s done is done.

The classic Joe and Kevin (almost) back-to-back.

This beautiful family.

Yup, we’re totally suckers for them. Check out the lyrics here and don’t forget to get the song on iTunes!

See gifs of Priyanka, Sophie & Danielle from the music video here. All gifs made by Shine On Media.