25 Times Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner & Danielle Jonas Stole the Show in the Jonas Brothers’ “Sucker” Music Video


The Jonas Brothers looked no further than their significant others to play their leading ladies in the music video for their comeback single “Sucker”.

While Joe, Kevin & Nick are looking like a snack in the video, it is the ladies that steal the show.

Like, immediately the video opens with Sophie & Danielle serving looks while casually being surrounded by bunnies and holding megaphones.

Then Priyanka gives our gardener a run for their money.

Sophie’s first relatable moment – being emotionally attached to something as ridiculous as a topiary.

And then batting Joe away for trying to trim it.

Danielle being the most regal dog walker in the world, plus CORGIS!

Y’all, Sophie is a committed actress, see the evidence.

If we were in this video, we’d have to fan ourselves too Priyanka.

Seriously, the confidence these women have is #goals.

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Just a glimpse at Priyanka rolling her eyes at Nick’s (adorable) dad jokes.

Seriously, Sophie is all of us in this video.

Umm, we call next in line…

Priyanka’s little shimmy is adorable.

And Danielle chasing Nick while the others cheer on is freaking adorable.

Then we get the hottest conga line ever.

Living for all these bathtub shots (especially Sophie double fisting those drinks)

And then just some champagne problems…

Then there’s Priyanka letting her hair down like an angel.

Get it Danielle!

Seriously, how we’re all feeling at this moment.

Just going to submit this as Priyanka’s audition for the next Bond movie.

And just like that we’re all tongue tied.

And end scene.

See swoon-worthy gifs of the JoBros from the video here. All gifs made by Shine On Media.