Netflix’s hit show “13 Reasons Why” returns for season 2 on May 18. Last week, Netflix released character posters for everyone. Well, almost everyone.

Even Justin (Brandon Flynn) who was absent from the season 2 teaser trailer got a poster.

The one character that didn’t get a poster at that time was fan favorite Alex Standall played by Miles Heizer.


The last we heard of Alex, he attempted to commit suicide and was in critical condition after shooting himself in the head.


Therefore, many thought he might not pop up in season 2 or if he did, it would be in flashbacks and he might not be alive. Well finally we have a new photo and poster for Alex. First, his poster has the caption remember the truth and we see a scar on the side of his head.

The photo release of Alex is from episode 5 and show’s him listening to his phone with a cane by his side. One of the themes this season is recovery and it definitely looks like Alex will be recovering from not only physical injuries but possibly mental ones as well. What truth is he trying to remember?

Beth Dubber/Netflix

In addition, the Instagram account for the character has been posting some updates on his recovery process. He also hopped on a “prefilmed” Instagram live to say his recover was going well and he’ll be back, “be warned”. Instagrams were also made for all the other characters, which we think were made last season but only Hannah’s and Alex’s are public.

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We’re just happy to see that Alex is alive and we can’t wait to see how his road to recovery will play out. To see our breakdown of the other character posters, check out the video below. Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why” debuts on Netflix May 18.