To say a lot just happened in tonight’s “Shadowhunters” episode would be an understatement. Simon basically fell into the plot line of Fear & Swimfan and it seems like someone may be coming between Alec & Magnus which I am not ok with so lets get this recap started.

Up first, the big reveal of the episode. In the final moments Clary, Magnus and Luke finally learn that the Owl face is Jace! Now that Jace is no longer in love with Clary, Lilith takes over the kissing duties in order to keep her man, um, energized? He has to seek out one final disciple but after Alec messes up his mission, Jace returns to the institute and since he’s not all about Clary, she of course thinks something is wrong with him. Jace lies through his teeth saying he finished his treatment with the silent brothers but his behavior sends Clary to Magnus to seek help. They discover the demon who attacked her is the same one who corrupted the lay lines so they call upon the help of silent brother Zachariah who drops the bomb that Jace never made it to the silent city.

Jace is still on his conquest to find his last disciple and for a minute the golden glow he seeks surrounds Charlie but Izzy messes up that attempt and finally the glow sets its sights on Luke’s partner Ollie. Just as Jace is possessing or rather maybe energizing Ollie – Clary, Luke & Magnus show up for a fight where Jace’s face is revealed as he scurries up a wall to escape them. Unfortunately for them, Ollie has been energized and stands up and runs off so can we expect the rise of Jonathan and the wrath of Lilith sooner rather than later?

Freeform/John Medland

As for Simon & Heidi, they’re in the reboot of Swimfan as Heidi becomes obsessed with tracking down Simon who she says is her sire. That other guy may have killed her, but she died with Simon’s blood on her lips and his blood must be damn good. Of course, Heidi comes on a little strong and freaks everyone out and it’s Maia of all people who suggests he be a support system for Heidi because it is hard when the person who turns you abandons you. Coughcough*DoYouHearThat(Jordan)Kyle?*coughcough

Simon takes Maia’s advice and texts Raphael for advice but ends up being catfished by Heidi who wants Simon badly but in his state of panic, Simon word vomits as usual and mentions he has a girlfriend so watch out Maia. Maia – being the badass she is – is not worried about Heidi but she’s off the hook when Heidi mistakes Izzy for being Simon’s girlfriend and attacks her in a back room. Izzy kicks her butt but Simon steps in to stand up for Heidi saying he is going to look out for her but SURPRISE HEIDI! Simon has tricks up his sleeve too and he turns Heidi over to the Praetor Lupus for rehabilitation. Good luck with that one guys!

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On the love front:

-Alec and Magnus are still fighting over the issues brought up by that memento box. Because of this, we get one of my favorite things – drunk Alec! Getting more screen time this episode is Underhill who seems to be flirting a little too much with Alec but also seems to be a good friend, but have you looked at Alec? Underhill clearly keeps hinting that dating a non-shadowhunter is just plain hard so we know his intentions.

-LUKE AND MARYSE?!?!? Did you see that one coming? I didn’t but I’m kind of for it. Maryse is having a hard time living the non-shadowhunter life and when Luke stops by the family dinner, these two bond over that struggle. As soon as Luke told Maryse she was just as beautiful now as she was 20 years ago I boarded that ship first class.

-Izzy brought Charlie to family dinner and since he didn’t end up getting picked off by Jace-Owl, I’m guessing he’ll stick around a while?

And that concludes this week’s “Shadowhunters” edition of What Happened?!? How will the group save Jace? Is Ollie too far gone to be saved? Will Alec & Magnus stay together? Do you ship Luke & Maryse? So many questions! Sound off in the comments then check out the promo for next week’s episode. Looks like your cover is blown “Kyle”!