The Cast of ‘The Miracle Season’ Talk Bringing Caroline ‘Line’ Found’s Story to the Big Screen & More


In 2011, Iowa City lost not one, but two amazing women whose story is depicted in The Miracle Season.

The movie opens this Friday and tells the story of 17-year-old West High star volleyball player Caroline ‘Line’ Found who tragically died in a moped accident her senior year. Two weeks later her mother Ellyn died of pancreatic cancer. The Miracle Season tells the story of the impact of these ladies on their family, friends, teammates and the community. Line’s story was profiled on HBO Real Sports and you can bet that Hollywood came knocking after they saw the segment.

“They came to us and our initial reaction was no, not right now, it’s too early. We weren’t ready. It was all too raw,” Ernie Found (Caroline’s father) told us during the LA press junket. “LD Entertainment stuck with us. They flew out initially and they knew it was too painful and every 6 months or so they’d check in,” added Coach Kathy Bresnahan. After some time passed, a script and director were picked and everyone approved and trust was built.

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Ernie and Kathy are portrayed by William Hurt & Helen Hunt in the film and both also ended up with cameos in the movie. “I’m actually in there twice” Ernie joked while Kathy actually came face to face with Helen Hunt as her in her cameo scene. She loved that her players got a kick out of it when they saw the film.

We also had the chance to sit down with Helen Hunt, Erin Moriarty, Danika Yarosh and director Sean McNamara to discuss the difficulties of bringing to life this inspirational story and what they hope not only women but the youth take away from the film.

Watch the full interviews above. The Miracle Season opens April 6, 2018.