The Driver Era Previews First Single “Preacher Man” – Listen!


Yesterday we reported that R5 are taking a break to launch a new project, The Driver Era, and now we have more details.

Judging from the new profile picture on social media, The Driver Era will consist of Ross Lynch & Rocky Lynch. According to JJJ, Ross and Rocky will be the focus for the new project writing, performing, and producing most of the tracks.

“We have completely different ideas and goals at this point in our lives,” Ross shares in a statement. Rocky adds, “We are, of course, evolving and it’s natural to move forward with a new sound and outlook.”

It looks like we’ll be hearing that new sound very soon when they drop their first single “Preacher Man” on March 16, 2018. You can listen to a preview below.

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What do you think of “Preacher Man”? Are you excited for The Driver Era?