Tyler Posey Shares Sweet Message About Girlfriend Sophia Taylor Ali


Tyler Posey is happy and in love and he wants everyone to know it.

The “Teen Wolf” heartthrob took to Instagram this week to confirm his relationship with his Truth or Dare co-star Sophia Taylor Ali and to get personal about his past trouble with relationships.

“I’ve always had some weird hang up when I get “serious” in a relationship, it’s hard to pin point why or the origin of it but I feel it’s something that’s always kind of f—-ed things up for me when things are getting good,” he wrote on Instagram. “It’s something that’s always gotten in the way for me and the others around, whether it be a romantic relationship or a friendship. I vow to give it my all to tackle these things and be the man the I should be. For me and others around me. I’ve found someone worth it. At no fault to others in my past or present, I’ve just been able to open my eyes about it because of my girlfriend, Sophia.”

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How sweet is that? We are so happy that Tyler is happy. If you want to see more of Tyler and Sophia together, watch the trailer for their new movie with Lucy Hale here. Read Tyler’s full message below.