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Get ready “Shadowhunters” fans, a fan favorite is coming to season 3!

Season 3 of the Freeform show will introduce us to some new faces including Javier Munoz as a rival warlock for Magnus and Anna Hopkins as the season’s main villain Lillith. Another new face joining them will be the character of Jordan Kyle who will be played by Chai Hansen. The actor, best known for “The 100” & “Mako Mermaids” will play the fan favorite character who we’ve actually heard a little about and if you’ve read the books you know just who he is but we won’t spoil that here.

Jordan will be bonding with Simon on the upcoming season and Entertainment Weekly has some first look photos. The casting announcement was also made with a cute video with Chai and Alberto Rosende.

In the upcoming season, we’ll see Simon and Jordan become friends and even roommates, despite the fact that Jordan has a secret. Book fans know Jordan’s history but will the story play out the same on screen? “Jordan comes into Simon’s life in a fun, unexpected way,” showrunners Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer tell EW. “The two instantly hit it off, but we soon find out there’s a lot more to Jordan than meets the eye, and repercussions that affect more than just Simon.”

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Sounds juicy to us! What do you think of this casting news for “Jordan”? See a video of Chai talking about his casting here.

John Medland/Freeform via