Fans at the Brazil Comic Con Experience back in December got a special treat from Venom star Tom Hardy and director Ruben Fleischer and now we’re all finally let in on the secret.

Hardy and Fleischer called into the convention from the set of the highly anticipated film from Columbia Pictures and gave fans a first look at the set and now the first image of Hardy as “Eddie Brock” in the film based on the Spider-Man comics fan favorite character has been released.

We have yet to see Hardy in Brock’s anti-hero Venom form, but the photo of him as Eddie provides some clues as to the plot of the movie. Not many details have been known about the film until now. In the video from CCXP, Fleischer shared that the film will be “prrimarily based on the Lethal Protector and The Planet of the Symbiotes books.” The photo shows Brock, who is a reporter, holding a notebook with a series of questions on it. These questions address an organization called The Life Foundation who in the comics is a corporate survivalist group founded in response to Cold War paranoia. It is dedicated to constructing doomsday-proof communities for both its own members and society’s elite.

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Check out the first look photo and video below. Venom also stars Riz Ahmed & Michelle Williams and is set to open October 5, 2018.

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) in Columbia Pictures’ VEMON.