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Freeform’s hit show “The Fosters” returned tonight to kick off its final episodes and it did not disappoint.

We left off with Callie, Ximena and AJ running into Noah’s mom’s church to escape the ICE agents who were after them since Ximena’s DACA status had expired. In tonight’s episode, we pick up right where we left off and we also get more into our A Walk to Remember-ish storyline with Brandon and Grace.

For our lovebirds, after the prom, Grace tells Brandon she doesn’t feel well and Brandon isn’t sure what to do. He ends up calling Grace’s mom Susan (Nia Peeples), which Grace is not too happy about especially when she learns that Brandon knows about her leukemia. When Brandon visits Grace the next day, she tells him she knows it was her mom that told him not to say anything but she still thinks they should say goodbye. Well, we know Brandon and he’s not going to be saying goodbye that easily. Grace then disagrees with her mom and the next move in her treatment. Grace wants to do the experimental treatment suggested by the doctor while Susan is scared of the possible side effects. Brandon sides with Grace but reassures Susan that he will be here to help support them.

One thing I love about “The Fosters” is just how relevant it is, sometimes it’s kind of scary how on point it is. The DACA storyline with Ximena is just one example of that. We pick up with Callie, AJ and Ximena in the church planning their next moves. Ximena attempts to call her family but she can’t get a hold of them so she then calls her lawyer. When he does show up he says he can’t check on the status of Ximena’s DACA application since it’s the middle of the night but he does suggest that the kids somehow make Ximena as visible as possible. Apparently if there’s one thing ICE is scared of, it’s public outcry. Callie begins filming the events of the day and also goes live on Facebook having Ximena share her story while Mariana films ICE taking away Poppy and her parents. Meanwhile, Stef is trying to keep the ICE agents from getting the kids arrested. She ends up learning that they are waiting on a warrant from the FBI to arrest Callie and AJ which does not sit well with her and Mike.

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The next morning it looks like Callie’s social media plan worked and the Facebook live was shared and a bunch of supporters have shown up at the church. Also showing up are the FBI. They end up talking with the ICE agents but instead of arresting the kids they leave and ICE say there’s nothing else they can do at the moment so they pack up and leave as well. While it seems like a victory, Ximena will still have to stay in the church until everything gets worked out.

The episode ends on a happy note with Callie telling Ximena she’s not alone and that the whole family is behind her and that they are also going to be fostering Poppy until everything gets worked out.

Other episode highlights:

-Jude tells the kids that Lena may leave Anchor Beach which pushes Mariana to text Nick back asking what he knows.
-Jude and Noah have a sweet scene where they share “I love you’s.”
-Emma and Jesus are back together and they seem happy
-Lena makes an appointment to see the other school
-Mike points out how Stef has done something she hasn’t done in a long time, she forgot to breath for a second. We see her do it again at the end of the episode so will this become a bigger storyline for Stef?
-AJ confessed to Callie he’s not over her
-Ximena comes out to Callie
-Callie and Aaron decide they need to rebuild their relationship so they should start over as just friends

The episode was a great way to kick off these final episodes and set up for what’s to come this season. Teri Polo really shined in this episode and I’m looking forward to seeing more of Jude, hopefully, in these upcoming episodes.

What did you think of tonight’s premiere? Did you have a favorite moment? What do you think will happen in the future episodes?

“The Fosters” airs Tuesdays on Freeform at 8pm EST. For a more in depth recap, watch our latest episode of What Happened?!? below.