The journey of Marvel’s “Runaways” is set to continue!

Hulu announced today that they have renewed their freshman drama for a second season which will consist of 13 episodes. That’s 3 more episodes than “Runaways” first season.

The first season of “Runaways” will conclude with Tuesday’s big episode and when we last left our heroes they had finally come face to face with their parents at the Pride’s construction site. “It’s the battle that you’ve waited for the entire season,” Virginia Gardner (Karolina) told EW. It won’t just be a battle between parents and kids either. Gardner also teased she has a showdown with Julian, who is her real father but Karolina has yet to learn that.

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Now with a big showdown, we think it’s safe to say that some of our characters won’t survive to see the second season, but just how many? EP Josh Schwartz told EW, “If Pride is successful in pulling off this plan, the casualties to come would be quite large…not everybody who starts the season finishes the season, should we say that?”

The season 1 finale of Marvel’s “Runaways” is available to stream on Hulu on Tuesday, January 9. What do you want to see happen in season 2?