First Listen to Music of “Descendants 2” Revealed in New Teaser!


A brand new teaser for “Descendants 2” has finally arrived!

The teaser shows the original VKs, Mal, Evie, Carlos & Jay, around a cauldron adding apples into what looks to be possibly an evil brew. Oh no, we thought these guys turned their lives around but those evil laughs and whatever is in that cauldron is making us think otherwise. It turns out that the VKs are going back to the Isle of the Lost and have found all new ways to be wicked..but what are these new ways?

If you listen closely in the teaser, you’ll hear the first snippet of music from the upcoming film. It looks like these kids have “all the ways to be W-I-C-K-E-D.” We love that they have spelling in this song, it reminds us of “Did I Mention” from the first film. We cannot wait to hear more!

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Check out the brand new teaser below. “Descendants” comes to Disney Channel this Summer. Are you excited?