Exclusive Sneak Peek: “Monstober” Returns to Disney Channel October 1


bunkd-091616Kara Brar & Miranda May hide from something creepy behind them in this exclusive pic from an all-new “Bunk’d.” That can only mean one thing, “Monstober” is back on Disney Channel!

“Monstober” returns to Disney Channel on Saturday, October 1 and will bring you all new Halloween-themed episodes of your favorite shows and a brand new DCOM called “The Swap” starring Peyton List and Jacob Bertrand. In addition, special short-form content will premiere nightly as part of “Monstober Theater,” and you’ll also see the return of “Mal-oween,” which includes an encore performance of “Descendants” and the second season premiere of the animated shorts, “Descendants: Wicked World.” Some of your all time favorite Halloween themed DCOMs will also air during the month of October.

The October lineup also includes a week-long premiere event of “Best Friends Whenever” with new episodes airing Sunday, October 2 through Thursday, October 6 (9:00 p.m. EDT), and the U.S. premiere of “The Lodge,” with five back-to-back episodes premiering nightly beginning Monday, October 17 (5:00 p.m. EDT).

Check out an exclusive image from “Best Friends Whenever!”


Check out your full Monstober schedule below!


K.C. Undercover “Virtual Insanity”

(8:00 P.M. EDT)

When K.C. goes into a virtual reality game to rescue Ernie, it becomes the craziest Halloween ever for the teen spies as they try to tackle the alternate universe and enemy agents Darci and Damon, the masterminds behind the evil game.


Best Friends Whenever “Night of the Were-Diesel”

(9:00 P.M. EDT)

When Cyd tries to protect Diesel from Barry’s wolf serum experiment, she accidentally gets the serum on herself and turns into a menacing werewolf. Now Shelby must try and figure out how to get her best friend back before the she-wolf destroys their high school’s Halloween carnival.




BUNK’D “Camp Kiki-Slasher”

(7:30 P.M. EDT)

Things get scary at Camp Kikiwaka when the campers start disappearing one by one. When they finally uncover the culprit with the axe to grind, he takes them on a thrill ride the campers will never forget!


The Swap

(8:00 P.M. EDT)

Ellie O’Brien is trying to juggle rhythmic gymnastics and troubles with her best friend. Meanwhile, classmate Jack Malloy is struggling to live up to his brothers’ hockey-star legacies and his dad’s high expectations and tough-love approach. When a text argument about whose life is easier gets out of hand, Ellie and Jack trigger an unexplainable real-life swap. With a rhythmic gymnastics championship and a spot on the Varsity hockey team on the line, they must figure out how to get back in their own bodies before the swap becomes permanent.

Starring Peyton List (Disney Channel’s “BUNK’D,” “Jessie”) as Ellie O’Brien, Jacob Bertrand (Disney XD’s “Kirby Buckets”) as Jack Malloy


Bizaardvark “Halloweenvark”

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(9:40 P.M. EDT)

The v-loggers have to make a scary Halloween video for Vuuugle’s homepage, but they can’t decide whose video is the scariest – Frankie and Paige’s tale of the ghost of Hollander Prep, Dirk’s haunting world without dares, or Amelia’s zombie apocalypse.



Disney•Pixar’s “Monsters University”

(6:10 P.M. EDT)

Ghost Patrol – One Hour Animated Special

(8:00 P.M. EDT)

Gabi and Spence, and Spooky the dog, are the “Ghost Patrol,” their town’s supernatural pest control, but they’ve never seen a real ghost. When they get a call to investigate the old Geist Manor, they are about to find the proof they have been looking for – and a whole lot more.



Liv and Maddie: Cali Style “Scare-A-Rooney”

(8:00 P.M. EDT)

Liv takes Ruby to a spooky dinner and runs into an old acquaintance and Maddie comes face to face with the real-life ‘spider-sprayer. Meanwhile, Parker and Joey must convince their classmates to celebrate Halloween.


Girl Meets World “Girl Meets World of Terror 3”

(8:30 P.M. EDT)

Auggie narrates a scary Halloween story about what the world would be like if Maya and Riley had never met.



Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 3”

(8:00 P.M. EDT)


The Lodge “The New Girl”

(5:00 P.M. EDT)

After the loss of her mother, 15-year-old Skye returns with her father to North Star Lodge, the family-owned country hotel where her mother was raised years ago. Eager to make a fresh start, Skye forges friendships with the locals who live and work at the lodge, but when she learns her father is planning to sell the place that holds so many treasured memories, she is determined to find a way to change his mind. Now, she must lean on her newfound friends to help, although all may not be as it seems.

Starring Thomas Doherty (Disney’s “Descendants 2”)



Disney’s “Descendants”

(8:00 P.M. EDT)

Descendants: Wicked World “Slumber Party”

After the Neon Lights Ball, Mal and Evie join their Auradon friends for fun times at a slumber party.



R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls

(8:00 P.M. EDT)

When a traveling Hall of Horrors show arrives in the town of Danville, a group of high school friends can’t wait to get spooked. The monsters, zombies, and ghouls are completely lifelike, and the villainous showman, Dr. Hysteria, and his enchanting assistant, Lilith, really know how to turn up the scares. But when someone discovers a haunted cabinet backstage that traps the souls of lost teens, it’s up to the gang to stop the mayhem before they are trapped forever.

Starring Dove Cameron (Disney’s “Descendants,” Disney Channel’s “Liv and Maddie”) and Ryan McCartan (Disney Channel’s “Liv and Maddie”)