Simone Biles Reveals Dream Date with Zac Efron & Why She Wants to Be BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue’s 73 Questions


simonebiles-73questions-091516Now that Simone Biles & Zac Efron have met, we’re all awaiting their “first date.” What does Simone hope it is?

Well, thanks to Vogue’s 73 Questions series, we have our answer. When asked about her dream first date with Zac, Simone revealed she’d like it to be breakfast on the beach. She also revealed she wants to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence because both have fallen down stairs.

As the camera follows Simone around her hometown gym, she also reveals what movie makes her cry, what competition she wishes she could do over again and what her weakest event is. She even tries her hand at a little rhythmic gymnastics.

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Watch Simone’s full 73 questions below!