Demi Lovato Goes Undercover As A Lyft Driver & It’s Hilarious


demilovato-lyft-083116What would you do if you got into your Lyft and Demi Lovato was your driver? Sounds like it couldn’t happen right? Think again!

During a break from the Future Now in Denver, Demi jumped behind the wheel of a Lyft to give some passengers the surprise of their lives. While driving around, she asked them if they like Nick Jonas, what kind of music they like and she even started singing some “Camp Rock” songs. Talk about dreams coming true!

We love how Demi was quick to even make fun of herself and even when the passengers weren’t big fans of her, she had fun with them. Now if only this could happen to us!

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Watch Demi as an undercover Lyft driver below. What was your favorite moment?