Bea Miller Pours Her Heart Out in “yes girl” Music Video


beamiller-yesgirl-video-082516Bea Miller is bringing all the feels in her new music video for “yes girl.”

“yes girl” is the lead single from the 17-year-old’s upcoming sophomore album and it is the perfect lead single. The song is emotional and powerful and the music video conveys that perfectly. ‘“yes girl” is about having a relationship with anybody who is incredibly controlling,” says Bea. “It’s about overcoming that and realizing you don’t need them in your life anymore.”

In the video, we see Bea in a white room dressed in a knitted sweater. As the song and video go on, the sweater begins to unravel and Bea says ,”the strings are representative of people in my life who need things from me constantly, who make me feel like I’m tied down to [them] in a literal sense. The video visually brings that feeling and struggle to life.”

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We think the “yes girl” music video is beautiful and Bea just keeps getting better and better. Watch the video below and pick up the song on iTunes here.