Selena Gomez Rides a Rollercoaster & Talks Boys in Hilarious Carpool Karaoke with James Corden


selenagomez-carpool-karaoke-062116Selena Gomez’s carpool karaoke has finally arrived!

The “Kill Em with Kindness” singer teamed up with the Late Late Show’s James Corden for one of our favorite segments – carpool karaoke. Selena helped James get to work but not without a few detours. First up, a rollercoaster! Selena and James took the segment on an actual rollercoaster and Selena sang the whole time and her hair looked flawless. How is that possible? When I’m on a rollercoaster I just try to keep from puking.

The duo also took some ginger shots together (talk about bonding moment!) and stopped for some grub at McDonald’s which definitely made the workers’ day until James demanded they give them the cups with Selena’s lyrics on it. Selena did look a little embarrassed but it also made the bit even funnier.

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Finally the duo chatted about finding Sel a boyfriend and her pal Taylor Swift. They sang many of Selena’s songs throughout the segment and ended with a Taylor “Shake It Off” sing-a-long. This definitely is one of our favorite carpool karaokes and we can’t wait to see who Corden recruits to help him get to work next.

Watch Selena’s full segment below.