‘Finding Dory’ Movie Review – Does the Sequel Live Up to ‘Finding Nemo’?


findingdory-reviewDisney Pixar’s long awaited sequel, Finding Dory, finally hits theaters this week, but how does it stack up with Finding Nemo?

Finding Dory follows our favorite forgetful fish, Dory, as she journeys to California to try to find her parents. She discovers she’s from the Marine Life Institute and she must navigate her way through the exhibits to try to find her parents. Along the way she meets quite the cast of characters who help her on her journey.

Finding Dory is definitely a worthy sequel, but still falls short of the original magic of the first film. It has heart and lots of great characters and will satisfy audiences and fans of Finding Nemo. Overall, I’d give the film a solid B. Watch our full review below.

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Finding Dory is in theaters June 17, 2016.