Skai Jackson Reacts to Being a Viral Meme



Disney star Skai Jackson has been making waves lately not only for her recent twitter exchange with rapper Azealia Banks, but also for being turned into a viral meme!

The 14-year-old took the internet by storm last month when a photo of her getting ready for an interview in New York turned into more than just a simple picture. We caught up with Skai at the Tigerbeat Relaunch party to ask how the meme came about and to have her make a new one for the internet.

Skai shared that she was a bit jetlagged when her hairstylist took the picture and she wasn’t quire sure what all was happening. She realized she was a viral hit when her favorite meme account posted her picture. “[My favorite meme account] posted it and I’m like, oh my god, now I know it’s real.”

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Watch our full interview with Skai below!