Want to Be a Wildcat or Knight? Here’s How to Audition for “High School Musical 4”


hsm4-auditions-041316Disney Channel will officially be heading back to East High with the recent announcement of “High School Musical 4.”

Last month, character breakdowns were released for the main characters and now Disney is accepting audition tapes! Video auditions will be accepted through Monday, May 2, via the Disney Applause App, available on both iOS and Android. Guidelines on how to submit the audition video and a brief scene will be available at www.DisneyChannel.com/opencallon Monday, April 18. Applicants must receive permission from a parent or legal guardian before participating.

The audition is not a contest. There is no guarantee of employment. There will never be a fee to audition for “High School Musical 4” or any Disney Channel talent search.

“High School Musical 4” will continue the story of “High School Musical” and introduce new East High Wildcats and their cross-town school rivals, the West High Knights. Check out the character descriptions for some of the gang below. Will you be auditioning?

Erin is a badass soccer player who strives for excellence—and the only girl on the boys’ team. She starts falling for the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks, but isn’t sure whether to follow her heart.

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Derek, the aforementioned bad boy who falls for Erin, is tough on the surface but a soft-hearted family guy at his core. He’s an excellent soccer player and incredible dancer who teaches dance classes to little girls at his family’s studio.

Campbell is Troy Bolton 2.0—super hot soccer captain and theater star who also happens to be Sharpay and Ryan Evans’ cousin. He decides that he wants to date Erin, and isn’t too happy when she wants to be with Derek instead.

Nathalie is East High’s biggest fan, a loyal, outgoing cheerleader and big-hearted BFF to Erin.

Tamara is East High’s former queen bee, a cheer squad member attempting to climb back up the social ladder and reclaim all the attention for herself.