Exclusive: Taylor Kinney Talks Getting Scared Filming ‘The Forest’ & More


taylorkinney-interview-010816We are big fans of Taylor Kinney on “Chicago Fire,” so you know we’re super excited to see him on the big screen in The Forest this weekend.

The film follows a young woman (Natalie Dormer) whose twin sister goes missing in the Aokigahara in Japan which is also known as the suicide forest. She hops on a plane and enters the forest herself in hopes of finding her twin with the help of a mysterious journalist named Aiden (Kinney).

We chatted with Taylor recently all about the film and his mysterious character Aiden. When you meet Aiden, you learn he is a journalist and a few other surprises unfold throughout the film but you’re never really given a backstory for him. We asked Taylor if he actually created his own backstory and he shared, “it kind of opens you up to different avenues. You can play a lot of different things. I had a meeting with the director and just pitched a bunch of different ideas for the arc of the character and the arc of the story. It was a collaborative effort.”

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The Forest will definitely make you jump in the theater, but did you know there was a moment when even Taylor got scared on set? “The first time I see these guys [yuris] was at night, on location, in the middle of the forest. To see them come out, it scared the s*** out of me. It was trippy.”

We won’t spoil it for you when it comes to Aiden surviving the forest, but we did have to find out if Taylor thought any of his past characters would survive in that environment. “I think Severide [from Chicago Fire] would last a good while.” We have to agree. We were thinking Severide or Mason from “The Vampire Diaries” since he was a werewolf and is used to forests.

We also chatted with Taylor about the elements of a good thriller movie and more. Watch the full interview below.

The Forest is in theaters now!