Exclusive: Natalie Dormer On Bringing Two Characters to Life in ‘The Forest’ & Writing Her First Thriller


nataliedormer-interview-010816Get ready to step into the scariest forest you’ve ever seen!

Natalie Dormer stars in The Forest< which hits theaters TODAY! The film follows a young woman whose twin sister goes missing in the Aokigahara in Japan which is also known as the suicide forest. She hops on a plane and enters the forest herself in hopes of finding her twin with the help of a mysterious journalist named Aiden. Dormer, best known for roles in “Game of Thrones” & The Hunger Games franchise brings the twins, Jess & Sara, to life. While some actors find playing two characters daunting, others find it a dream come true.

“As an actor, that’s a gift to be able to play almost the sliding door effect of which way you go,” Natalie told us when we sat down with her at the junket recently. The twins end up reacting to a traumatic experience in completely opposite ways and “they felt very different to play…I talked a lot with the director, costume, hair and makeup, we really wanted to distinguish them apart.”

The Forest definitely has its suspenseful moments and will make you jump and Natalie admitted that even she jumped a few times on set even though she knew what was coming. Definitely a good sign for the audience! SO what elements does it take to actually make a good thriller?

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“I think for it to work, the audience is intelligent…so often you have to do a double bluff. They think they’re two steps ahead and then they find out they’re a couple of steps behind,” she explained. Basically, you always have to keep the audience on their toes…distraction! She also revealed she just finished writing a thriller of her own that she’s about to shoot in London called In Darkness. “Writing a thriller or anything with thriller elements is really quite difficult. You have to try and find a way of shocking [the audience] or undermining them to give them the full ride…it’s a hard thing to do.”

We also chatted with Natalie about which of her past characters would survive the longest in the forest and more. Check out the full interview below.

The Forest is in theaters now.