Demi Lovato Drops Surprise Music Video for “Waitin For You” Featuring Sirah


demilovato-waitinforyou-102215Demi Lovato is gifting her fans with something special less than a week after dropping her album Confident.

The 23-year-old has been busy promoting her new album by performing on Saturday Night Live and traveling around the world and some how she found time to make a new music video which she just released. Demi teamed up with rapper Sirah for the track “Waitin For You” off of Confident and the music video is a simple black and white video but it has some grittiness to it just like the song. It reminds us a little of Nick Jonas’ surprise video for “Area Code.”

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When speaking of the song, Demi said the song was her way of expressing her frustration with how girls handled things when she was in school, especially when it comes to gossip and rumors. She prefers for people to talk straight to her face. We have to agree Demi! Talking behind someone’s back is never good.

Watch Demi’s video for “Waitin For You” below.