Rowan Blanchard Teases Relationship Drama in 3-Part Episode of “Girl Meets World”


girlmeetstexas-101515Are you rooting for Lucas to be with Riley or Maya on “Girl Meets World”? Maybe neither? It looks like we’ll learn some things about that love triangle this weekend with the “Girl Meets Texas” special.

Relationships will be tested when your favorite characters head to Texas but will the outcome go the way you want it to? Guess you’ll have to tune in this Friday, Saturday and Sunday to find out. We had the chance to chat with Rowan Blanchard about the episode and she assured us that nothing that happens is “final.” They just want to portray things how they’d probably really happen but there’s still so much more of the show left. So don’t worry if you’re not happy with who ends up with who at the end of this weekend.

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Watch our interview with Rowan below and be sure to tune in all weekend long!