Selena Gomez Talks Deleting Instagram, ‘Revival’ & Making Changes in Her Life


selenagomez-yahoo-092415Selena Gomez has been busy doing press for her upcoming movie Hotel Transylvania 2 and her album Revival.

The 23-year-old recently sat down with Tahoo Beauty Editor in Chief, Bobbi Brown, for a revealing interview in which she talked about social media, making some big changes in her life and what she wants to do next.

When it comes to social media, things can get tough. There will always be people saying positive things and people saying negative things. When it comes to dealing with the negative, Selena revealed, “To be honest, I’ve had a week of deleting my Instagram off my phone, so I didn’t have it, and I would have to go to my laptop if I wanted to post something — so that I wouldn’t get caught up in it. You always get wrapped up in it. You look at one image and then you’re on different pages, and then you are 52 weeks in, and it’s just a lot. I don’t know how I can get through it other than to just know that it isn’t real. I have to put my phone down and look up and look at life and know that I’m in this moment that I’ll never have again, and I need to enjoy it and not give in to those people.”

So many young people do get caught up in the world of social media, though, and Selena gave some great advice on the topic saying, “You just have to challenge yourself and guard your heart, because now with social media there is so much access to people’s feelings and their hearts more than ever. That’s my main thing. I am so terrified for my little sister to go to school because everything has changed and gotten a little bit more intense.”

When it comes to dealing with fame, Selena shared, “I think for a while I was spending too much time alone. I can sit with myself and think about what I want to think about, cry if I need to cry, listen to music, and be in your own silence — be still. And I think that’s great for everybody to do. But for a while, with all of the scrutiny, I never intended my life to be this exposed. That wasn’t my goal. I wasn’t like, “I want to be superfamous and known, and everybody needs to touch my life.” I love my job. I work really hard at it. I just want it to be about what I love. I think because of that, I needed to understand that being alone is good, but I also really need to be with people. I was scared. I was scared of trusting people, of letting people in. My roommates would come down and ask to sit with me, and I would be like, “No, I don’t feel good.” Now, I am understanding the balance better. I need people to hear me, and my best friends are my best friends. It was just easier for me to just deal with it all by myself and open the door and put on a face and go through my day. Now I am able to sit with it and talk it out.”

Revival is definitely a turning point for Selena and is bound to show off her more confident and mature side. In a sense, she’s starting over and she isn’t afraid to admit she was terrified to do so. “I mean, yeah, I was terrified. I’m not good with change. I’m very loyal and committed, and I like being that way,” she said. “But at the same time, I was being shoved into this corner … not forcefully or anything, but I felt like I was being held in one place, and I was just desperate to be out of it and to feel something else. I wanted to be heard. That’s why I reached the point where I needed to make some really big changes in my life and do it all at once and take a chance.”

So Selena has conquered movies, music and TV. What is next? “I would love to do something like own a café or something. I don’t know where, but that would be a goal of mine. But I don’t even think I’ve scratched the surface of acting. I really want to take a good amount of time to focus on that. I really, really think I haven’t done something in that world yet where I think, “This is going to be incredible, this is going to be the one.” And that is something I want to tackle too.”

We are loving this interview with Selena and if you want to read the full interview, head over to Yahoo!.

Hotel Transylvania 2 is in theaters September 25 and Selena’s album Revival is out October 9.

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