Chrissie Fit Dishes on ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Stunts, ‘Bachelor’ Nights & Dreams for Flo


chrissiefit-pp2-092115Pitch Perfect took the world by storm in 2012 and because of the amazing response, Pitch Perfect 2 opened this past summer but it doesn’t stop there! A third movie has been greenlit and if you can’t wait for it, you’re in luck. Pitch Perfect 2 is available on digital now and Blu-Ray and DVD on Tuesday, September 22.

In Pitch Perfect 2 we got to follow fan favorites Beca, Fat Amy and Chloe as they prepared to graduate from Barden and bring home a trophy one last time. We also got the chance to know some new Bellas like Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) and one of our favorites Flo played by Chrissie Fit.

We have to say, Chrissie is having a fantastic year with the success of PP2 and Disney Channel’s “Teen Beach 2” and we had the chance to chat with her about bringing Flo to life and what she hopes happens with her in the third film. Check it out!

Do you have a favorite memory from the audition process for ‘Pitch Perfect 2’?
I kind of screwed up my audition a little bit. I forgot the lyrics to my song because I changed a part of it to Spanish. It was my mom’s idea and she’s like do it because then they’ll know you speak fluent Spanish. So I was like yeah! but I never practiced the song with that Spanish part and I just froze. I made a joke about it then I started again and did the whole thing. I was still called back which was crazy. Then Elizabeth had said “You’re very funny.” And I was like “what, you’re telling me that?” She thought I was very funny and believed in me so that was a very cool moment.

What was it like becoming a part of the ‘Pitch Perfect’ franchise?
It was really exciting. I got the phonecall and had to be on a plane in 2 days to go to Bella Camp. When I got to Baton Rouge I was like oh my god what am I doing? I got so nervous it kind of felt like being the new girl at a new school where everyone knew each other but quickly those fears went away. Everyone was so warm and friendly and I can say they’re all my friends.


When you were making the film all of you were active on instagram sharing pictures and looking like BFFs which made the comraderie on screen so much better. What was a favorite moment from bonding with the cast?
I feel like every Monday was kind of like a really fun day because we knew that we’d finish and a bunch of us would get together and watch the Bachelorette which was our guilty pleasure. We’d all bring food and try to be healthy so there’d be a vegetable tray that no one would eat. We’d all have chocolate and I think Anna Kendrick once brought fondue. It kind of felt like I was back in a sorority and we were all sisters loving reality TV.

What was your favorite thing about bringing Flo to life? Were there any challenges?
Playing Flo was really relatable because I’m Cuban American and I grew up in Miami where the culture is still alive. I just loved the fact that Flo was making fun of all the white girl problems in a dry, dark and sarcastic way. That was fun and I wouldn’t necessarily say easy but natural because I grew up in that kind of environment. I also took a lot from my mom who was a big influence for Flo. What was hard were all the stunt things. I didn’t do a lot of the splits and stuff because we had a stunt double and she was fantastic. She was actually Italian and white with blonde hair and they had to dye her hair dark and give her a fake spray tan. It was hilarious but she was my height which was important because I’m pretty tiny. Doing the physical aspect of the stunts was kind of hard.

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Is there anything when watching that maybe wasn’t originally in a scene or adlibbed?
There were times with the camp scene where I actually jumped into the lake and over rotated and actually got pitch slapped by the lake so hard because I went so high. The stunt guy was the one who jumped to propel me into the water and I’m always game but it was like acting scared and then actually getting scared because I went so high and it’s actually in the movie. You don’t see me smack into the water though.

There’s going to be a PP3. Do you know if you’re returning and what would you like to see happen?
It’s still kind of early on as far as them writing and stuff. I obviously love the franchise and these girls and I’d love to be back. If Flo is back, I’d love to see her make these snarky comments and possibly be in grad school. She needs to stay in the country. Or maybe she’s got a kick ass job and is a lawyer somewhere and is able to be honest in a courtroom. There’s endless possibilities.

What would be your dream song for Flo?
Something in Spanish for sure. I don’t know exactly what. You never got to see it in the movie, but Flo’s room was very colorful and fun. She had Shakira posters everywhere because I felt like that’s who she aspired to be. I feel like a Shakira song would be perfect.

packers-pp2Were there any fun bloopers that would make it on the gag reel?
There’s way too many to even think. I know there will be so much from the Green Bay Packers because they’re hilarious. Ben Platt just posted part of the riff off and he did so many different takes on it that I hope that’s on the extras. As far as Flo, we came up with so many dark and weird things, I hope there’s a line-o-rama on the DVD. I’m pretty positive there’s going to be a lot of fun stuff on those extras.

Any message for the PP fans?
First of all, I want to say you’re amazing and so supportive. The coolest fans ever. I think you should get the DVD because we want to hang out with you. We Want to hang out in your living room. We want you to turn on the TV and sing along with us and have a great time with us. We had so much fun making this movie and the girls from the first movie kept saying that they were making this one for the fans because they’re so fantastic. I hope you enjoy it and watch it over and over again and we love you.

Be sure to follow Chrissie – @chrissiefit and pick up your copy of Pitch Perfect 2 tomorrow! It contains some amazing bonus features including scenes you didn’t get to see in theaters. What could be better?


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