Ross Lynch Unveils His Wax Figure in Orlando


rosslynch-waxfigure-052115What’s better than one Ross Lynch? How about two!

This morning, Ross Lynch paid a visit to Madame Tussauds in Orlando to unveil his own wax figure! This is the first time a celebrity wax figure has been unveiled at the Orlando location and even Ross was excited saying, “I can’t wait to see myself.”

We have to say, the makers of the wax figure did pretty well. It really comes to life thanks to the clothes that Ross donated for the figure. That’s right, the wax figure is wearing clothes that Ross has actually worn!

So what did Ross think after seeing his “twin”? “It’s really something else…honestly, it looks even more realistic in person,” he shared.

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So what do you think of Ross’ wax figure? If you’re in Orlando, be sure to go see it!

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Photos: @TussaudsOrlando