Jake T Austin Exits “The Fosters”


jaketaustin-fosters-quit-032415Last night’s finale of “The Fosters” was definitely a dramatic one.

In case you haven’t seen the episode, be warned – Spoilers Ahead! The episode had some awesome moments like Connor’s dad finally letting Jude see him in the hospital and Mariana killing it at her dance competition by way of a hologram. Also there was a sweet moment between Lou and Brandon and Robert finally signed the custody papers for Callie because he realized she loved him and that’s all he needed to be a family.

Now, on the downside. The principal is making moves on Lena and the episode ended with a big car crash involving Mariana, Jesus and Ana. It was heard over the radio that there was one fatality, but who will it be?

Well, many are saying it might be Jesus because Jake T Austin took to twitter last night to confirm that he will no longer be on the show. However, creator Bradley Bredeweg tweeted out that not everything is as it seems. So maybe someone else in the car dies and Jesus ends up going away to boarding school. We could see them letting Ana’s baby live and maybe Ana dying since Alexandra Barreto who plays Ana recently had a baby of her own.

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Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Check out what Jake and Bradley said below:

So, what are your thoughts on Jake leaving “The Fosters”? Who do you think died in the car accident and what do you want to see in season 3?