Exclusive: Gavin MacIntosh Talks Jonnor Kiss & What’s Next on “The Fosters”


gavinmacintoshinterview2-030615It was a big night on “The Fosters” this week as fans of Jonnor finally got what they’ve been waiting for – a kiss!

Fans finally learned what happened in the tent on the school trip – Connor kissed Jude – and Jude finally confronted Connor about all the games he’s been playing. So what’s in store for these two? We chatted with Gavin MacIntosh who plays Connor about the next episode and what’s in store for “Jonnor.” Check it out!

-This week was a big episode for Connor & Jude. Have you been rooting for Jonnor? Did you know this was in store?
Gavin MacIntosh: Yes I was always rooting for Jonnor. The strong friendship element is very important in their relationship, so I most rooting for them to stay friends through all the ups and downs. I don’t really know what is in store for Jonnor until a few days or so before shooting the episode. I did know at the end of Season 1 that Jude/Connor’s friendship may evolve to its current status. Which at this point, we know they shared a kiss, but nothing is still yet defined about their sexuality. Which at the age of 13, I think is appropriate – feelings change. The story will continue to unfold, and where Jude/Connor end up, is up to the producers.

-This is a pretty big storyline to take on, especially being young. Did you feel any pressure?
GM: Yes, it was a big storyline. But I never felt pressured to do anything I didn’t fully agree to. I was bit nervous to take on a character that may be gay. But like any other actor playing a role, you do what’s needed, and becoming Connor is something that I’ve grown into over the last 2 season.

-Connor seems hesitant about being open about Jude, especially because of his dad, etc. What can you tease about the future of their relationship?
GM: Connor’s dad is a major influence in his indecisiveness. But what I really think is amazing about this storyline, is how realistic it conveys a 13 year olds emotions and feelings. Most 13 year old boys, change their minds of what they like or don’t like often, and in Connor’s case, he is fighting what society thinks he should be, what his dad may do to him vs. what he is feeling towards Jude. A teaser would be, Connor will eventually have to face his dad. So we can all imagine how that may go down.

-Next episode seems huge. In a clip we see that Taylor may suspect that something is up plus the group seems to get in a bit of trouble. What can we expect next episode?
GM: Next episode is definitely a plot twist. The girls lead the boys into a bit of trouble, and Jude and Connor being typical boys, just can’t seem to say no to their antics. What happens because of this decision, will have consequences.

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-What is your favorite thing about the Jonnor relationship?
GM: The positive message for sure, and helping kids that may be feeling the same as Jude or Connor. We have received a lot of positive response but the negative makes me want to keep fighting for LGBT rights. As a Christian, I am pretty ashamed at the hate some religious groups are printing. The Bible definitely doesn’t promote hate. Discriminating against any race, religion, sexual orientation or color is just plain wrong.

-Fans seem to love the two together. Do you have a favorite message or story you’ve received from a fan?
GM: Fan messages and stories are what fuels my passion for this role. So many to choose from, but the ones that touch my heart are those that say they decided not to take their life, or cut themselves based on the Jude/Connor story line. Most recently, there are many that say, we gave them the courage to come out to their parents. Since the first episode I played with Hayden Byerly, fan support was always so strong. I am so very thankful for my fans.

-You and Hayden have such a great relationship. What’s it like on set?
GM: We have a lot of fun horsing around and playing jokes, just being normal teenagers. We also do school work together with the studio teacher, so we are basically together 9+ hours a day when filming! He is a great friend, and I know will be friends for life.

fosters-Do you have a favorite moment from the show?
GM: All time fave is blue nail scene. But I’m going to add next Monday’s episode as my next favorite. Filming with the girls was so much fun and Madison Pettis and Izabela Vidovic are both super talented.

-What has been the most challenging part of playing Connor?
GM: Originally playing Connor came pretty natural to me, but as the story line shifted and became more complex, I had to definitely grow as an actor. The most challenging part of my character is nailing the small nuances that make the Jude/Connor moments come alive on screen. Connor communicates a lot in body language and not as much verbally. I needed to let the audience see with my body language how I felt, whether that be nervous or scared, portraying that naturally and convincingly was not easy.

-Any message for fans of The Fosters?
GM: I never get tired of your inspirational messages, tweets, fan art, and IG photos! I am asked often if all the fans ‘bug’ me, definitely not. I appreciate positivity and I love learning about people all over the world. The Fosters fans are definitely amazing, so loyal.

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